Bringing Second-Factor Authentication to the Enterprise Cloud

By James Stickland | April 13, 2017
We’re not strangers to cloud services, but to date, the majority of investments in third-party cloud solutions have been by SMBs and consumers. Lately, more large-scale enterprises have been deploying cloud solutions in different parts of their operations. From Dropbox to Salesforce, more companies are embracing third-party cloud services, but as a result may be […]
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True Security Protects Both User Identity & Privacy

By Ian E. Muller | April 11, 2017
Discussions around biometrics always turn to two topics – identity or privacy. What’s missing from the conversation is how both are essential parts of modern security, and how the right strategy will leverage and protect both at the same time. Identity in the Digital Age Fifty years ago identity meant your driver’s license, passport, Social […]
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Identity and Authentication are the Future

By Ian E. Muller | April 7, 2017
This week's Cypher turns to the future of mobile biometric authentication, identity, and the cybersecurity trends of the future.
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Protecting Your Most Private Data – Your Biometrics

By Asem Othman | April 6, 2017
Data privacy is a major concern for everyone. For businesses, it isn’t just about protecting themselves from attack, but also the financial and legal concerns that go along with data breaches. As companies collect more data on their employees and customers, the risks increase exponentially, and it’s essential that firms use the best systems possible […]
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Is Data Privacy Impossible in an IoT World?

By Ian E. Muller | April 4, 2017
We focus on the dangers of the Internet of Things (IoT) a great deal. How the proliferation of these devices, and their lack of access security, allow hackers to hijack them for botnets is only one piece of this danger, however. As we invest more in home automation and other interconnected technologies, we’re also putting […]
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Cybersecurity Knowledge Low as Cyber Attacks Worsen

By Ian E. Muller | March 31, 2017
The impact of cyber attacks is worsening and our cybersecurity knowledge is weak. Replacing passwords with biometrics is key to reducing threats. Read more in today's Weekly Cypher.
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IoT Security is a Genie in a Bottle

By Jason Braverman | March 30, 2017
As if it wasn’t bad enough that IoT devices were rushed to market in a way that allowed massive takeovers and botnets to control them and wreck the Internet, now everyone and their grandmother is going to be selling Home Automation systems, promising to make your life easier. Just look at IKEA. The Swedish home […]
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5 Tips for Deploying MFA in Your Enterprise

By Ian E. Muller | March 28, 2017
We’ve been using usernames and passwords since the 70s, and two-factor authentication solutions for nearly a decade now. As more firms begin to embrace multifactor authentication (MFA), it can be a bit jarring for end users to migrate to a new way of logging into their business accounts and systems. If you’ve deployed one-time password-based […]
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Where Are The Cybersecurity Threats?

By Ian E. Muller | March 24, 2017
From rogue facial recognition to the rise in data breaches, we take a look at where the latest cybersecurity threats are coming from in this week's Cypher.
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Adding Smartphones to Enterprise Access Management

By Ian E. Muller | March 23, 2017
The smartphone is both one of the most widely proliferated tools in the enterprise, and one of the most troublesome. It’s a safe bet that every employee in your firm has one, but when it comes to whether or not they’re allowed to use it for work, the odds are closer to 50/50. We all […]
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