Multi-Factor Security with Single-Step Convenience

A password-free, biometric authentication platform for employees and customers

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Why Biometric Authentication?

In an increasingly digital world, with more devices and platforms connected to the Internet of Things, the need for ironclad security is paramount.  Using your biometrics – your unique traits or behavioral characteristics – to prove identity will safeguard your company’s most critical assets in a way that’s both convenient and secure.

Veridium Closes $16.5M Strategic Series B Funding Round


VeridiumID accommodates multiple, plug-and-play biometric libraries, configurable to your company’s level of assurance considerations. Biometric matching can take place on the device or server, on site or in the cloud.  Our solution can be FIDO compliant by request.


Breaking apart biometric data and distributing the storage between the device and server makes VeridiumID one of the most secure multi-factor authentication solutions on the market today. It’s nearly impossible for biometric vectors to be compromised or stolen, since they aren’t stored in a single place.


Veridium’s multi-factor authentication solutions integrate with your existing corporate authentication infrastructure without the need for any additional hardware. This strengthens existing solutions beyond tokens or passwords by having employees or customers verify their identity with biometrics from a mobile or web app.