Forget passwords. Forever.

Veridium makes authenticating identity and transactions easier and more secure by eliminating passwords.

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Why go passwordless?

As digital applications and networks proliferate, traditional forms of authentication like passwords can no longer protect your customers, employees or data. Breaches happen daily.

Veridium creates trusted digital identities to secure authentication. It binds a user’s biometrics – their unique traits or characteristics – to their mobile device.

This is more secure and improves the user experience at the same time.









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Veridium integrates with your existing corporate authentication infrastructure without the need for additional hardware. Veridium is an official Premier partner of Google Cloud and we integrate with Citrix, partner and Okta among others. Your employees or customers verify their identity with biometrics from a mobile or web app, which strengthens your existing solutions beyond tokens or passwords.

Highly secure

VeridiumID makes it almost impossible to compromise or steal the biometric vectors because they don’t have to be stored in a single place. It breaks apart the data and distributes the storage between the device and server. No worries for GDPR.

Choose the right biometric for the right use case

Our authentication platform enables you to use native capabilities to sign into virtual desktop/workspace and to step up authentication using a proprietary biometric, including fingerprint, face, or behavioral. Anyone with any old smart phone can be passwordless.