Mobile World Congress 2018: Greatest Hits

By Sarah Landes | March 6, 2018
It was an absolute pleasure to attend Mobile World Congress this past week, even though the famous Barcelona sunshine did not make much of an appearance. However, there were some real standouts at the show, which made traveling through storms to get there totally worth it. Once you walked into the show, you immediately noticed […]
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Governments Upgrading their Biometrics Efforts

By Ayenna Cagaanan | March 2, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher features governments rolling out new cybersecurity programs, each with one common theme: Biometrics.
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Biometric Authentication: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

By Ward Rosenberry | March 1, 2018
I just scanned the biometric news feeds on the web. They’re exploding with biometrics that most people outside the industry might think of as, well, futuristic. But being more of an insider and knowing what’s here now and what’s in the pipeline, these biometrics are already deployed across the globe. Gesture recognition, iris recognition, retinal […]
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My Voice is My Password: The Power of Voice as a Biometric

By Asem Othman | February 27, 2018
This is part of a series of blogs diving into the technical aspects of Veridium’s distributed data model, biometrics, and computer vision research and development by our chief biometric scientist Asem Othman. Artificial intelligence voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa have become convenient alternatives to the tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming effort […]
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Facial Recognition is Improving, but Privacy is Still a Priority

By Ian E. Muller | February 23, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores evolving standards in IoT security, new tools for improving and blocking facial recognition, and its use in US border control. Learn more about the latest biometric and cybersecurity news.
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We’ll See You at Mobile World Congress

By Sarah Landes | February 22, 2018
Who doesn’t love Barcelona? It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with some of the best food. And next week, thousands will descend upon the city for one of the biggest mobile conferences in the world – Mobile World Congress! Mobile World Congress brings together hundreds of cutting-edge and innovative tech companies […]
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What Does the Future of Biometrics Hold?

By Ian E. Muller | February 20, 2018
Raise your hand if you use a fingerprint or your face to unlock your phone. Now, keep your hand up if you use it to unlock any apps. What about your banking app? What about to unlock a password manager? I’m willing to bet the majority of you still have your hand in the air. […]
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Expanding Security Threats Require New Tactics to Combat

By Ian E. Muller | February 16, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores the security threat landscape for 2018, the resurgence of tactics like social engineering, and what organizations can do to combat hackers this year to improve how they protect consumers and data.
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The Trials of Banking the Unbanked

By Sarah Landes | February 15, 2018
The worst inconvenience I have with my bank is that they don’t have a lot of branches or ATM’s around Boston. But it’s not too much trouble because I just use their mobile app for my day-to-day needs. Access to your banking services is probably not an issue that you think about or even deal […]
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As KYC Evolves, So Too Must Identity Verification & Authentication

By Ian E. Muller | February 13, 2018
The core principle of anti-money laundering (AML), and financial service as a whole is Know Your Customers (KYC). However, KYC regulations and an evolving technology landscape make it difficult for financial services firms and other organizations to keep up with the changes happening around KYC and AML. What is KYC? KYC, simply put, is the […]
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