Biometric market growth set to skyrocket

By Jason Tooley | July 25, 2019
The report published this week by Frost and Sullivan, highlighting the unprecedented growth in the global biometric market, was entirely predictable. The market is currently valued at $4.6 billion, and is on course to reach a staggering $11.1 billion by 2023 – this would mean the market sustaining an annual growth rate of 19.3%. When […]
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Countering APT credential use with passwordless authentication

By Fred O'Connor | July 22, 2019
Stolen credentials played a critical role in a recently disclosed cyberespionage campaign that targeted 10 mobile carriers around the world, showing that leveraging usernames and passwords remains a key tactic for threat actors and demonstrating why companies are looking into passwordless authentication.   In that attack, a cyberespionage group connected to China first exploited a vulnerability […]
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How biometrics can help retailers meet the Strong Customer Authentication mandate

By Jason Tooley | July 18, 2019
The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) aims to implement the PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in online retail in September. This will apply to online shoppers whose purchase is more than £27 in a single transaction and will require them to relay passwords sent to their mobile phone. However, this change is not welcomed by […]
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Microsoft Goes Passwordless – How This Will Affect You

By John Spencer | July 12, 2019
Today Microsoft has taken the leap into moving towards a passwordless society. Used by over 83% of companies in the UK, the tech giant has now confirmed that Windows 10 is officially getting rid of passwords. Starting this week, Microsoft is rolling out a preview build of Windows 10 to members of the Windows Insider […]
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Why Veridium won Best in Show and Best Application, Security at Citrix Synergy

By John Spencer and Ross Penny | July 8, 2019
Getting your product recognized by a major technology company like Citrix is always a positive. And when you’re recognized  twice in the same week (which happened to Veridium at this year’s Citrix Synergy show where we won Best in Show and Best Application, Security), you know that you’re on the right path to helping Citrix […]
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Forces turn to biometric authentication as the final frontier in public safety

By Jason Tooley | June 17, 2019
Automated facial recognition technology has rarely been out of the headlines. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick recently said facial recognition is very useful within law enforcement and the technology needs to make its way towards public acceptance or Britain risks being “left behind.” Police forces across the country are facing increasing cost pressures, with […]
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Why is Microsoft delivering conflicting advice around passwords?

By Jason Tooley | June 10, 2019
Microsoft recently took the unusual step of simultaneously advising companies to adopt biometric authentication, whilst also making current passwords more complex. The tech giant argues that the effectiveness and protection of passwords do not diminish with time. There is clear evidence to suggest direct correlation between increasing password complexity and higher costs through password management […]
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What the California Consumer Privacy Act means for biometrics

By Justine Brown | May 8, 2019
Add California to the list of states with laws prohibiting the use of facial recognition technology to identify people without their informed consent. Other states with a similar regulation include Texas, Illinois and Washington. Last June, California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act, which will change how companies in the state collect and commercialize consumer […]
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Major League Baseball adopts biometric ticketing

By Justine Brown | April 29, 2019
Fingerprints are replacing tickets at some Major League Baseball stadiums. Major League Baseball and Clear have reportedly been testing biometrics in baseball stadiums with a few teams on a small-scale basis for a couple of years. Use of the technology is increasing with the Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers recently announcing that they’re […]
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