So Biometrics Alone Isn’t the Answer to the Login Process, but Neither is Passwords

By James Stickland | June 1, 2017
We all know that no two biometrics are created equal, and many have touted that fingerprint and iris are much more secure than face or voice. That’s why it came as little surprise when BBC reported that it was able to bypass HSBC’s new Voice ID technology. More people were shocked when, just a few […]
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Securing Biometric Enrollment is Paramount for Safe Authentication

By Jason Braverman | May 30, 2017
Now that biometrics is starting to take hold in more venues, companies need to be especially aware of the process of initial enrollment. A biometric system is only as good as its measurement of the person in question. Additionally, how this information is stored and used is critical to the overall architecture of any biometric […]
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Hacking Biometrics & Securing Authentication

By Ian E. Muller | May 26, 2017
This Weekly Cypher looks at all the recent presentation attacks on biometric authentication systems, and where the real flaws lie.
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Blockchain & Biometrics: The Future of Identity

By John Callahan | May 25, 2017
In the future biometrics will be used extensively for identity management. Biometric authentication is already closely tied to the concept of identity since some biometrics can uniquely identify you within a given set of users (e.g., employees or citizens). In this context, identity is the means by which you make “claims” to rights, membership, and ownership […]
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Remote Identity Verification: Expanding the Potential of Mobile Biometrics

By Ian E. Muller | May 23, 2017
One of the main problems plaguing the financial and government sectors with regard to remote enrollment is identity verification. When a remote customer wants to open a new bank account, register to vote, or set up a government benefits account, their identity needs to be verified with the utmost scrutiny. Luckily, innovations in biometrics technology […]
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Ransomware makes us all WannaCry

By Ian E. Muller | May 19, 2017
Today's Weekly Cypher focuses on the massive WannaCry ransomware attack, and why it should be a wake-up call to organizations and consumers around the globe.
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K(NO)W Identity: Days 2 & 3 – The Future of Identity and Cybersecurity

By Ian E. Muller | May 18, 2017
The K(NO)W Identity conferenced continued much in the same vein as day one. With a heavy focus on what identity is in today’s digital society, the sessions did shift to examine identity’s role in cybersecurity, and what the future of identity, and the ability to verify it, could be. On day two, experts in identity […]
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K(NO)W Identity: Day 1 – A Conversation on Privacy and Security

By Ian E. Muller | May 16, 2017
The inaugural K(NO)W Identity conference was launched yesterday by One World Identity (OWI), a group begun by former Googlers and government and military advisors who saw a glaring problem in how the world interprets identity. Currently, governments and enterprises across the world define identity, particularly digital identity as a monetizable commodity, leveraging it in financial […]
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Data Breaches and Passwords Drive Increased Security and Privacy Concerns

By Ian E. Muller | May 12, 2017
Today's Weekly Cypher looks at rising data breaches and increased criticism of password-based security, which is making more people worry about their privacy and online security in the digital age.
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The Future of Authentication at connect:ID

By Asem Othman | May 11, 2017
We’re seeing massive changes in the authentication landscape today, with a shift away from passwords toward biometrics, as well as a focus on mobile and other innovative technologies to enable these trends. This movement is readily apparent in many industries, from government to healthcare, but none so strongly as financial services. The rapid pace that […]
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