When implementing SCA, remember the customer

By Fred O'Connor | January 23, 2020
As businesses work to implement PSD2’s strong customer authentication (SCA) component by late 2020 (or even earlier for some U.K. firms that offer online banking) there’s a key group to keep in mind: customers. With banks, payment providers and merchants all trying to figure out how to comply with SCA, their focus may be more […]
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The death of the password expected to be biggest trend for 2020

By James Stickland | January 21, 2020
One of the key trends to impact millions of people and businesses in 2020 is the death of the password. Passwords are widely recognized as an outdated, costly method of authentication, and a frequently used attack vector. It is no surprise that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) now recognizes multi factor authentication […]
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VeridiumID in the AWS Marketplace: Simplifying passwordless authentication in the cloud

By Fred O'Connor | January 15, 2020
Veridium has simplified the user experience around authentication by eliminating passwords from the process. Now we’re simplifying the VeridiumID deployment process by making the application available in the AWS Marketplace. In this blog, Veridium Chief Product Officer John Spencer answers questions on how Veridium being in the AWS Marketplace benefits companies. What does having Veridium […]
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Align Interview: Former Gemalto executive Martin McCourt on the equation for startup success

By Fred O'Connor | January 8, 2020
The Align Interview series offers the perspectives of  executives on technology, security and digital transformation. Aspiring entrepreneurs take note: find a problem to solve if you want your startup to grow.   “Startup equals problem. It’s a simple equation. Find a customer problem worth solving and solve it better than anyone else and you’re well on […]
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Tis the season for password resets at work

By Jason Tooley | January 2, 2020
As employees return to work after the Christmas and New Year’s break, many will partake in the yearly tradition of resetting the passwords they forgot while they were off. For employees, this means lost productivity. Instead of working, they’ll stare at their monitors and wait for IT to reset their passwords. The wait times could […]
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Veridium application joins Amazon Web Services Partner Network and is available in AWS Marketplace

By John Spencer | December 17, 2019
We are excited to announce that our Veridium application is now available in the AWS Marketplace, an engagement that provides complete cloud services and a management portfolio to our enterprise customers and prospects. This expanded relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help businesses redefine strong authentication by increasing security, without the additional complexity and […]
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Your questions on passwordless authentication answered

By Fred O'Connor | December 12, 2019
From how Veridium stores a biometric template to how using a biometric instead of a knowledge factor makes authentication more secure to how a Dutch bank uses Veridium for customer authentication, we received a range of questions during our webinar on cutting through the hype around passwordless authentication. To help others learn about going passwordless […]
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Why consumer safety is at risk over Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Jason Tooley | November 28, 2019
Black Friday – originally a one day in-store event with its online counterpart on Cyber Monday – has experienced a colossal shift to online in order to meet changing consumer habits and appetite for convenience. Since its inception ten years ago, Black Friday has almost tripled November online sales to nearly £2 billion, with digital promotions […]
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Using Veridium for employee authentication when a smartphone isn’t available

By Ross Penny | November 26, 2019
We never leave home without our phones. They accompany us to the office, the gym, the movies and pretty much everywhere. The ubiquity of smartphones is why Veridium made it a key component of how our passwordless authentication platform works.  But there are times when a smartphone can’t be used for authentication. Maybe its battery […]
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