Where Are The Cybersecurity Threats?

By Ian E. Muller | March 24, 2017
From rogue facial recognition to the rise in data breaches, we take a look at where the latest cybersecurity threats are coming from in this week's Cypher.
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Adding Smartphones to Enterprise Access Management

By Ian E. Muller | March 23, 2017
The smartphone is both one of the most widely proliferated tools in the enterprise, and one of the most troublesome. It’s a safe bet that every employee in your firm has one, but when it comes to whether or not they’re allowed to use it for work, the odds are closer to 50/50. We all […]
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What to Expect in Mobile Biometrics in 2017

By Ian E. Muller | March 21, 2017
The rapid evolution in mobile technology has allowed manufacturers to integrate new biometrics sensors into almost every device over the last few years. Though Samsung and Apple have led the pack, many companies, including Google, are baking fingerprint sensors and other solutions into even their low-end devices, allowing consumers and enterprises unprecedented access to biometric […]
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Cybercrime is Changing, But So is Cybersecurity

By Ian E. Muller | March 17, 2017
From identity fraud to massive hacks, cybercrime is evolving at a rapid pace, but so is the technology we use to protect ourselves, like biometrics. Learn more in The Weekly Cypher.
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Bypassing 2FA: The Call for Mobile Multifactor Authentication

By Ian E. Muller | March 16, 2017
Cyber criminals are getting smarter and more resourceful at the same time as the technology at their fingertips continues to evolve. This combination is breeding a new class of hackers that are able to bypass systems previously thought secure. The most vulnerable of yesterday’s “secure” access management systems is two-factor authentication (2FA), and the One-Time […]
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Where Mobile Devices and Biometrics Meet

By Ian E. Muller | March 14, 2017
Businesses have been struggling to cope with the introduction of mobile devices to the workplace since the introduction of the BlackBerry. From controlling what to employees have access to monitoring their communication and productivity on an “off-network” device, smartphones have been both problematic and a blessing for enterprises. And this has remained true as the […]
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New Hacks & New Security Protections for Devices

By Ian E. Muller | March 10, 2017
The Weekly Cypher looks at new security policies that target hacking and improved authentication to help protect the nation's infrastructure, personal devices, and more.
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Who’s Using Your Account?

By Ian E. Muller | March 9, 2017
We all use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), whether it’s for work or in our personal lives. From Dropbox to Salesforce, cloud services have been replacing their offline variants for nearly two decades now. Especially in the last 10 years, the deployment of SaaS has skyrocketed in business, making accounts easily accessible from any number of devices, and […]
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Mobile Biometrics for Security & Convenience

By Ian E. Muller | March 7, 2017
On the heels of Mobile World Congress, March has been designated mobile biometrics month. There are numerous innovations in mobile technology and how it enables biometric authentication, as well as the growth of related technologies, such as mobile-based authentication for PC login and more. These improvements to the miniature supercomputers we all carry in our […]
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Data Privacy, Biometrics, and Strong Authentication

By Ian E. Muller | March 3, 2017
Learn more about the news from MWC and what's going on in biometrics and cybersecurity, and the need for strong authentication in today's Weekly Cypher.
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