Mobile, Games, Cloud & Biometrics for Improving Cybersecurity

By Ian E. Muller | January 19, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores the evolving role that mobile, cloud, and biometrics technologies are having in improving cybersecurity, as well as the surprising role that gamification may play.
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Taking Bold Steps to Protect High-Value Trading

By James Stickland | January 18, 2018
Trader fraud is on the rise. Last year, the Security and Exchange Commission announced it filed 868 enforcement actions exposing financial reporting-related misconduct by companies and their executives. The announcement noted that 2016 had the most ever cases involving investment advisers or investment companies (160) and the most ever independent or standalone cases involving investment […]
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Divided We Conquer? Why A Shared Secret Fails Security and Privacy

By Ian E. Muller | January 16, 2018
One-time password (OTP) security schemes are used by software or hardware tokens for 2FA authentication. This method uses a shared secret key, stored on the token and also on the Authentication Manager server, to validate the end user and grant them access, when used in conjunction with a traditional username and password. With biometrics, a […]
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Government Cybersecurity Is a Priority in 2018

By Ian E. Muller | January 12, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores cybersecurity challenges and efforts throughout the United States government, as well as new developments in mobile biometric technology.
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Solving a Biometric Vulnerability with Liveness Measures

By Asem Othman | January 11, 2018
A biometric system is a pattern recognition system that has vulnerable points and threats, same as password- or token-based authentication systems. In 2001, IBM researchers identified and categorized these types of attacks in their paper “Enhancing security and privacy in biometrics-based authentication systems.” These attacks are intended to either circumvent the security afforded by the […]
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Two Factors Aren’t Enough for Authentication

By Ian E. Muller | January 9, 2018
Over the last few years, data breaches and identity theft have gotten progressively worse, making many people’s’ lives miserable as they strive to pick up the pieces. In many cases, these attacks are made possible through gaining access to a single account. From phishing to simply brute forcing a weak password, hackers are able to […]
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Happy 2018! Biometrics is the Rule for Cybersecurity

By Ian E. Muller | January 5, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores predictions for 2018, a look back at the cybersecurity improvements of 2017, and of course, biometrics.
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Biometrics Ring in the New Year

By Ian E. Muller | December 29, 2017
The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. Here are a few of the headlines you might have missed this week: Alteryx Breach Could Hit 123 Million Americans | Fortune Marketing analytics firm Alteryx recently revealed that an AWS database including private […]
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From the Farm to Feds

By Rosa Hargrove | December 22, 2017
This issue of the Weekly Cypher will be covering how biometrics are being used by everyone from farmers to the federal government.
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Risk-Based Authentication Has Few Risks

By Rosa Hargrove | December 21, 2017
Risk-based authentication has a lot going for it. It authenticates securely, teaches security systems how to detect suspicious logins, and its use is fairly intuitive. It’s not a cybersecurity silver bullet. But with the help of biometrics, risk-based authentication could be the most elegant and secure solutions for safe logins. You’ve Seen It Before You’ve […]
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