All Too Human

By Rosa Hargrove | November 17, 2017
Today's Weekly Cypher covers how biometrics and cybersecurity are continuing to be pushed forward, even with roadblocks along the way.
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Data Breaches Will Cost Us, Here’s the Receipt

By Rosa Hargrove | November 16, 2017
Some experts insist that security breaches in the digital sphere are inevitable. This is a sad thought, particularly coming from an expert, but it’s not unreasonable given companies’ largely lax attitude towards cybersecurity. Companies have shown an unwillingness and/or an inability to adopt the best security practices, even if they’re handling sensitive information. But the […]
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Disrupting Banking with Biometrics & Blockchain

By Sarah Landes | November 14, 2017
Banking is changing at an extremely rapid pace, from mobile transactions to expanding regulatory demands across the world. As technological advances allow consumers and employees to interact with financial accounts in more intricate ways, it’s essential that institutions know who is involved in each transaction. Proof of identity is the hill that many organizations may […]
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Cybersecurity is Serious Business

By Rosa Hargrove | November 10, 2017
Today's Weekly Cypher covers why biometrics is serious business and how various parties are working to get companies to take cybersecurity seriously.
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Biometrics are the Ultimate Disruption

By Rosa Hargrove | November 9, 2017
Is disruption dying? In the tech world, everyone values the idea of a disruptive technology. Uber and Lyft disrupted the taxi industry. Online booking sites disrupted the travel industry. PayPal disrupted banking. Disruption led to billions of dollars for those companies, and now every tech company insists that it’s disrupting something. Today, disruption feels like […]
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Multi-Factor Authentication for Better Security

By Ian E. Muller | November 3, 2017
Today's Weekly Cypher explores the role multi-factor authentication (MFA) plays in improving cybersecurity, using biometrics for strong authentication.
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The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication in Cybersecurity

By Sarah Landes | November 2, 2017
The State of Cybersecurity The internet has been around for decades. It has made so many aspects of life easier. Unfortunately, with all that extra convenience, people are giving up a lot of their personal and professional security. Cyber attacks have increased enough to make headlines on an almost daily basis. Hackers are tapping into […]
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‘Critical’ For a Reason: Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure

By Rosa Hargrove | October 31, 2017
Hacking itself isn’t a problem. Disruption is. Sure, breaking into a system isn’t great, but it’s what hackers do once they’re in the system that causes the real problems. Most commonly, they’ll disseminate the information they find or infect the system with malware. Here’s what disruption looks like in that case: Phone calls with banks, […]
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Faces and Fingertips are the New Normal

By Rosa Hargrove | October 27, 2017
This Weekly Cypher focuses on how biometrics (specifically faces and fingerprints) are becoming more accepted, even though they could still be more secure.
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Why You Need to be in Cybersecurity

By Rosa Hargrove | October 26, 2017
We’re all fools. There’s an industry with a 2 percent unemployment rate and a median salary that’s over $80,000. The day-to-day tasks involve protecting people, with the added bonus of minimal risk of bodily harm. But we won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. This week’s theme for National Cyber Security Awareness Month – Consider […]
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