Biometrics and How to Protect Against Invalid Usage

By Jason Braverman | January 17, 2017
Biometrics are being touted at the “next big thing” in protecting digital information and identities for online transactions. A computer can use any device with the appropriate sensors, whether it’s a microphone to capture voice or a camera to capture face, and this would certainly seem to protect users from criminals seeking to cause trouble. […]
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From Cybersecurity to Cars, Biometrics Will Reign in 2017

By Ian E. Muller | January 13, 2017
Innovations in biometrics and AI are helping improve cybersecurity in a number of fields, making 2017 the year of biometric security.
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A Typical Day in a Biometric Life

By Ian E. Muller | January 12, 2017
From the Internet of Things to the widespread adoption of mobile devices, we rely on technology for nearly everything in our day-to-day lives. As these and related technologies enable further innovations like smart hubs, connected homes, and biometrics, we can see a future where nearly every aspect of our lives is automatically adjusted for our […]
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The Five Biggest Data Breaches of 2016

By Ian E. Muller | January 10, 2017
From the Emmy Awards to the Olympics, world records were set and broken throughout 2016. However, none were as impressive as those in the cybersecurity world. Previously, 2014 held the record for largest number of records compromised or stolen in a single year, but 2016 broke that number, and then some. From the Yahoo breaches […]
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2017 Is All About Cybersecurity

By Ian E. Muller | January 6, 2017
The new year is bringing innovations in cybersecurity, mobile technology, and biometrics. Read some of the latest news and predictions in The Weekly Cypher.
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New Year, Same Threats

By Ian E. Muller | January 5, 2017
The new year is time for resolutions and change, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to assess the cyber landscape and begin preparing for the threats on the horizon. For 2017, we already have a strong idea of what the biggest threats to cybersecurity will be: Evolving ransomware, unsecured IoT devices, and of course, the […]
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Multifactor Authentication is the Future

By Ian E. Muller | December 29, 2016
From our email accounts to our smartphones, we use passwords hundreds of times a day, often without even thinking about it. But time and again we’ve been shown over the last decade that passwords aren’t enough to keep our information safe. From the United Nations website hack in 2007 to the Yahoo hack in 2016, […]
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What’s “The Cloud,” and Is It Safe?

By Jason Braverman | December 27, 2016
I get this question all the time. People ask me, “what exactly is ‘the cloud?’” This question is usually followed by “is my data safe?” I had thought, in this modern day of connected smartphones, Google domination, and Apple using the term “iCloud,” that people would kind of get it, but perhaps a little refresher […]
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Innovations in Biometrics

By Ian E. Muller | December 23, 2016
The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics focus on innovations in biometric technology.
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Five Cybersecurity Predictions for the New Year

By Ian E. Muller | December 22, 2016
The new year is going to bring some sweeping changes with it. From the United States presidency to critical threats in cyberspace, the security landscape is likely to see some heavy impact from these changes, least of which is a shifting focus on privacy and security. Below, we discuss some of the five biggest changes […]
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