Is Your Home Safe From Hackers? Not If You Have IoT Devices

By Ian E. Muller | October 25, 2016
Multiple DDoS attacks over the last few weeks have left many wondering what’s coming next. For many consumers, what they’re concerned about is what websites and services will go down, especially after Spotify, the Playstation Network, Wix, and parts of Twitter were taken offline in the most recent attack on Managed DNS provider Dyn. However, […]
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Top Biometric Identifiers & Their Expanding Use

By Ian E. Muller | October 21, 2016
The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are: Majority of Businesses to Kill Passwords | SecureAuth A recent survey by SecureAuth found that 69 percent of organizations are preparing to eliminate passwords within the next five years. This […]
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Biometric Authentication for Healthcare

By Alan Goode | October 20, 2016
The healthcare industry has been an early adopter of biometrics for both patient and healthcare worker identification and authentication. Its adoption is being driven by industry regulation and a rise in medical identity theft. Combatting Medical Identity Theft One of the primary drivers for the adoption of biometrics in healthcare is to counteract fraud. There […]
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RIP Galaxy Note 7, Delaying Mobile Iris Recognition

By Jason Braverman | October 18, 2016
By now, even the pygmy tribes of New Guinea are reeling from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 tragedy. I say tragedy because the Galaxy Note 7 was a marvel of technology, groundbreaking in almost every way. It was slated to be the smartphone to copy, and a trendsetter for many new technologies, from its screen, sound […]
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Biometric Adoption Ensues Despite Some Setbacks

By Ian E. Muller | October 14, 2016
From iris to face recognition, experts predict continued growth of biometric adoption in a variety of sectors, even with setbacks such as the death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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Creating an Unhackable ATM

By Jason Braverman | October 13, 2016
ATM skimming is the fraudulent art of attaching a custom-made device that blends into the ATM machine itself, usually over the area where you insert your credit card, to steal the digital card information. There are as many variations on these devices as they are in ATM machines themselves. Sometimes they install over the keypad […]
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Biometrics Central to Security Planning

By Ian E. Muller | October 11, 2016
Whether it’s an airport or city bridge, biometrics are being integrated into a wide variety of security solutions across the globe. While more airports are deploying support for biometric passports, even cities are beginning to explore the use of biometrics for their security plans. However, not all travelers are comfortable with the idea of their […]
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Biometrics Adoption Driven By Mobile Banking, Government Endorsements

By Ian E. Muller | October 7, 2016
From healthcare to mobile banking, biometrics are changing how we identify ourselves and protect our most sensitive data. Read some of the latest news regarding biometrics authentication in this Weekly Cypher.
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Finally We’re Safe With Biometrics… Or Are We?

By Jason Braverman | October 6, 2016
We have finally reached a tipping point in identity authentication. After 40-plus years we’ve begun to phase out the usernames, passwords, and two-factor authentication-type tokens in exchange for biometrics. Biometric authentication offers the promise of safe, convenient identification. But, before you get your hopes up, this isn’t the end of identity theft. I am sure […]
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Biometrics in Healthcare: Perfect Isn’t Better

By Vincent Endres | October 4, 2016
I recently attended a conference where we discussed the healthcare industry’s need to embrace biometrics. Tim Tompkins, senior director of security innovation at Aetna, presented a compelling argument that passwords remain a point of vulnerability for healthcare insurance providers. He noted that biometrics might not be a perfect solution, but they are light years ahead […]
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