Multi-factor Biometric Authentication Software

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Why VeridiumID?

Everyone acknowledges that passwords are a weak link in enterprise security. You can lose them, share them, and crack them. Biometric authentication can strengthen legacy systems by adding an additional layer of security. With our technology, a company can deploy biometrics as a second factor or replace passwords altogether. Either way, you can now truly verify the identity of the end user.

How It Works

VeridiumID is a server-side protocol for biometric authentication that works in conjunction with a front-end mobile SDK that allows you to embed biometrics into your company’s mobile app. This complete software solution is highly customizable and can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise, putting your company in complete control of user authentication.

VeridiumID installs easily within your network to provide authentication to enterprise applications, websites, even doors. And it works just by you being you.

Add Biometrics As a Second Factor

If your organization isn’t ready to eliminate passwords altogether, you can use VeridiumID as a second authentication factor. In addition to what you know – your password – you are adding two additional factors. What you have – your mobile device – and what you are – your biometrics.

Eliminate Passwords Altogether

Are you ready to eliminate passwords entirely? Our anti-spoofing technology and unique storage architecture combine to provide truly secure identity authentication. The software handles everything from biometric data collection and its secure storage, to quickly finding and matching it during authentication sessions.

Learn more by reading our ebook, "Multifactor Authentication: The Path Forward for Security."

Proving Identity

Identity is the “claim” you make to access information, but making that claim with a password doesn’t prove who you are.

Passwords only authorize access, while biometric authentication is the process of verifying the claim that identity makes.

Only biometrics – your face, your voice, your fingerprints – prove you are who you say you are.

VeridiumID Process

VeridiumID Benefits

  • Designed to plug in multiple biometric libraries, including 4 Finger TouchlessID. Other solutions only offer one biometric choice.

  • You have complete control over the entire solution, from customizing which biometrics to include in the SDK to setting rules for levels of assurance.

  • By breaking up biometric vectors and storing them between the device and server, it is nearly impossible for them to be compromised or stolen.

  • Built on an open standard called IEEE 2410 and supported by a working group which continues to advance this standard, future-proofing your investment.

  • Easily integrates into your existing corporate infrastructure without additional hardware.

  • Can work alongside a FIDO authenticator.

  • Reduces password resets, help desk requests and support calls by up to 90 percent.

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Data Breaches

Proving identity with unique traits or behavioral characteristics can safeguard your company’s most critical assets in a way that’s both convenient and secure.

There’s finally a viable alternative to passwords. A better way to keep your data safe.