Veridium Support

Need help getting started with multi-factor biometric authentication? Review our tips and tricks, check the FAQ, or email us if your question isn’t answered below.

General usage:

  1. 4 Fingers TouchlessID uses the camera on the rear of your device to take photographs of your fingertips.
  2. Place your fingers (palm up) in view of the camera so you can see them on the preview screen.
  3. Align them with the guide using the onscreen prompts.
  4. The system will automatically detect your fingers and capture the image.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hold your fingers together and straight, not spread apart, with your palm facing the camera.

  • Move your hand if the app requests you to do so, following the on screen instructions.

  • When the bar indicating distance is lower on the screen, move your hand further away from the camera. When it’s higher, move your hand closer to the camera.

  • Keep still and steady, the more movement, the more motion blur will occur.

  • Try to capture the image against a plain, neutral-colored background during enrollment.

  • Make sure your camera lens is clean.

  • Capture the image in strong, even lighting, avoiding strong shadows across your fingers.

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