One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Authentication Journeys to Digital Transformation

October 6, 2021 – The 2020 pandemic and resulting work-from-home experience yielded an important conclusion regarding cybersecurity: identity is the new perimeter.  Our CTO John Callahan, featured in Brilliance Security Magazine, explains how tightly-coupled digital transformation efforts and digita lidentity are. Click 👇 to read more now. As Veridium we are proud to offer an all-in-one solution

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The UN has been hit by a major cyberattack

September 10, 2021 – The United Nations has admitted that malicious figures were able to breach its network earlier this year and steal data which could now be used for facilitating future attacks on the organization as well as on other agencies.  Baber Amin, our COO (Chief Operating Officer), commented to Techradar stating that the

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Thousands of Fortinet VPN Account Credentials Leaked

September 9, 2021 – Rajiv Pimplaskar, our CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), told Threatpost that the breach is “a stark reminder of today’s dangers with password-based systems. While enterprises and users are starting to adopt passwordless authentication methods like ‘phone as a token’ and FIDO2 for customer and Single Sign On (SSO)

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77% of Q1 Ransomware Attacks Threaten Exfiltration – Experts Reaction

April 29, 2021 – A new report- Ransomware Attack Vectors Shift as New Software Vulnerability Exploits Abound from Coveware ’s Quarterly Ransomware Report, Coveware notes “Data exfiltration extortion continues to be prevalent and we have reached an inflection point where the vast majority of ransomware attacks now include the theft of corporate

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US 100-Day Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan

April 21, 2021 – The White House said on Tuesday that President Joe Biden‘s administration is beginning a 100-day plan to guard critical U.S. electric infrastructure against sophisticated cyber threats. See comments from John Callahan, our CTO, on particularly the lack of interoperability between ICS, OT, IoT devices/networks in general.

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