Proving You Are Who You Say You Are Before Biometric Sensors

The History of Biometrics

While biometric technology has only gained in popularity in the last few decades, the use of fingerprints, as a method of identification, has been around for thousands of years. Around 1500 BCE in Ancient Babylon, fingerprints were found in clay seals, and in 200 BCE, records show that handprints were used as evidence in criminal cases in ancient China.

In the 1880s, Dr. Henry Faulds was one of the first individuals to recognize the unique characteristics inherent in fingerprints, and propose a classification system for their use. His work was continued by Sir Francis Galton, who developed a classification system that is still in use today.  

Thanks to advances in smartphone technology, now anyone can conveniently capture, enroll, and authenticate their biometrics. This has lead to rapid adoption by law enforcement, the government and now corporations. 

history of biometrics

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