Mobile Biometrics for Law Enforcement

A national police force in Europe is using Veridium to provide mobile-based identity verification with 4 Fingers TouchlessID. Police officers are able to scan fingerprints in the field and verify against the national database in order to rapidly confirm identity. Veridium was selected due to the quality of match delivered, and the ease of integration with their existing app.

The Problem

Like law enforcement agencies everywhere, this national police force in Europe faces complex criminal threats transcending borders, sovereignty, and jurisdictions.

To combat these issues, the agency’s 10,000 police officers need to be able to conclusively identify people in a timely manner. Otherwise, officers are likely to miss opportunities to apprehend criminals and run the risk of unintentionally releasing them as well.

Additionally, jailing innocent, misidentified people erodes the public’s trust in law enforcement, costing police allies in their efforts to maintain public safety. 

Why Veridium?

Veridium’s 4 Fingers Export allows officers on the street to identify anyone in real-time by comparing a person’s fingerprints against those in the national Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). It requires NO new hardware because it is an app that operates on the standard Android smartphones officers already carry on patrol.

How it Works

When a suspect is approached and asked for their ID, the officer can quickly check to see if he or she is the person they say they are. The officer scans the person’s hand with their smartphone app, then the image of their four fingers is exported at 500 PPI and matched against the country’s legacy database. Previously officers had to bring a person to a station for identification.

The Benefits

Veridium’s system increases public safety by allowing police to remain on the streets and it decreases the inconvenience to citizens caused by misidentification and lost time. Unlike other solutions on the market, Veridium’s require no additional hardware making it less than half of the cost, easy to deploy, and update.

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