Citrix Integration for Global Bank


A multi-national Swiss Bank is eliminating passwords, soft and hard tokens, and other 2FA solutions, and replacing them with biometric authentication for employee access to Microsoft Active Directory and Citrix environments. Veridium was selected due to our cutting edge technology, convenience, and cost.

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The Problem

Like many large multinational institutions, this bank had a complex web of authentication solutions from various vendors. Each solution was different, administered in a different way with a different user experience. Managing, monitoring and administering so many options was costly to the bank and vastly inefficient. Millions of dollars was spent on help desk calls because of lost or damaged tokens, password resets or damaged swipe cards. Worse still, none of these solutions eliminated the use of the passwords, leaving the bank vulnerable to breaches and insider threats.

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Goodbye Passwords

The bank looked for a solution that would eliminate passwords completely regardless of where the employee was logging in. In addition, they wanted the same user experience whether you were on a hot desk, a laptop, or dialing in through a VPN. The solution had to provide a high level of security as well as a high level of convenience. That’s where Veridium comes in.

Veridium architected a solution where employees could log on to company resources via a hot desk, laptop, or VPN in the same way. Opening a browser, they would be able to scan a QR code and then authenticate using biometrics from the company’s mobile App, which is integrated with Veridium’s SDK. Employees had a choice of what biometric to use: fingerprint via an iPhone or Android phone, face, or Veridium’s 4 Fingers TouchlessID. One look, touch, or scan and they are in. Truly multifactor security in a single step.

Due to Veridium’s partnership with Citrix, Veridium is the only company that can wake up a home screen via biometrics through its integration with Citrix’s Federated Authentication Services, thus eliminating passwords in the entire ecosystem.

Seamless Integration. No Hardware Required

The VeridiumID platform with business adaptors for Active Directory requires no additional hardware. Instead, the bank integrated our SDK into their mobile app. By integrating biometric authentication into its identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure, the bank is able to provide their employees with a slick, single-step login process.

The Benefits

Veridium’s solutions increase security, productivity, and convenience by allowing the bank’s employees to sign into their workstations without using passwords. In addition, we’ve helped them massively reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) – in excess of 80% within one year.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Veridium’s require no additional hardware, making it less than half of the cost of traditional 2FA solutions, easy to deploy, and easy to update.

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