Variety in Biometric Deployments

biometric face recognition passwordThe Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Ukraine Issues New Bill on Biometric Passports | FindBiometrics

Ukraine recently passed a new bill, which clarifies some of the nation’s policies regarding its biometric passports. The bill states that both ink and digital fingerprints must be captured at a passports issuance (with the citizen’s consent), in addition to other, non-biometric related policies. This initiative will help ensure the integrity, security, and quality of the biometrics collected for passports. The country deployed hundreds of biometric passport processing terminals in 2014 in preparation for the growing demand for this service. [Read More]

Snapchat to Use Face Recognition to Protect User Privacy | Business Insider

While face recognition biometrics have been highlighted in the news recently due to privacy issues, Snapchat is actually deploying algorithms that will protect their users’ privacy. The app developer was recently issued a new patent that would use face recognition to identify users in other users’ photos and, based on their permission settings, automatically refuse to post the image or edit it to blur out the specified users’ faces. The setting will also have the option to replace their faces with emoji’s. [Read More]

Is the End of the Password In Sight? | Business Solutions

As more companies announce biometric solutions for multi-factor authentication, or to replace passwords altogether, earlier predictions of the end of passwords may be more accurate than previously believed. Gartner has predicted that conventional login-and-password authentication would be no longer feasible by 2020. Forrester has reported that even 14-20 character long passwords simply aren’t secure enough when compared to the processing power of modern computers, and other organizations are turning their eye to alternatives with razor-sharp focus. [Read More]

Police Body Cameras Could Incorporate Face Recognition | Planet Biometrics

Many law enforcement officers wear body cameras today. As this technology evolves, many see key improvements on the horizon – live-streaming back to headquarters, for example, or even automated face recognition. According to Lieutenant Dan Zehnder of Las Vegas, he imagines that one day he’ll be able to walk down the street and his body camera will automatically run the faces of everyone he walks by against outstanding warrants. While the technology isn’t available yet, it’s just one of many potential uses of biometrics to advance security. [Read More]

The Password is Dead | Biometric Update

Hoyos Labs’ CTO John Callahan will be discussing the end of passwords and the company’s multi-factor, multi-biometric authentication solution, HoyosID, in an upcoming webinar. The Password is Dead, hosted on August 11, at 1:00 pm EST, will focus on the security challenges companies face with a solely password-based access control system, and how using biometrics as a second factor, or to replace passwords altogether, significantly improves security. [Read More]