Overheard at RSA: the challenges around passwords

By Fred O'Connor | March 11, 2019
Amid sessions on IoT security, how to protect organizations from ransomware attacks and attack trends, an arguably less sexy but equally important security topic permeated the 2019 RSA Conference: the challenges around passwords. Here’s a roundup of just a few of the undoubtedly many times that passwords were discussed at RSA. What’s stronger: kale or […]
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Why do we still have passwords? Will Microsoft save us?

By Mary Roark | November 14, 2018
Despite recent announcements from Microsoft, such as the elimination of passwords for access to MS Azure, realistically most of us will be still using passwords for a while to come. There are limitations as to how quickly enterprises can change how they get work done, and how quickly people can be trained to work differently. […]
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Adding Biometric Authentication to Citrix NetScaler for 2FA

By Ross Penny | January 30, 2018
Adding Veridium’s biometric authentication to Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway and replacing any kind of two-factor token-based authentication is easy. Veridium uses push notification technology to request biometric authentication from the user’s mobile device, therefore there’s nothing for the user to enter in the second password dialog box, i.e. a token code, which normally appears when […]
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GSuite Biometric Integration with VeridiumID for Single Sign-On

By Ross Penny | November 28, 2017
This is the first in a regular series of technically-focused articles from our product team. This article focuses on the configuration steps required to use the VeridiumID platform to add biometric authentication for single sign-on with GSuite. In this instance we do not provision accounts within GSuite, instead relying on Active Directory to provide the […]
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