How biometrics can help retailers meet the Strong Customer Authentication mandate

By Jason Tooley | July 18, 2019
The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) aims to implement the PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in online retail in September. This will apply to online shoppers whose purchase is more than £27 in a single transaction and will require them to relay passwords sent to their mobile phone. However, this change is not welcomed by […]
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What the California Consumer Privacy Act means for biometrics

By Justine Brown | May 8, 2019
Add California to the list of states with laws prohibiting the use of facial recognition technology to identify people without their informed consent. Other states with a similar regulation include Texas, Illinois and Washington. Last June, California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act, which will change how companies in the state collect and commercialize consumer […]
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Using regulations to boost your business

By James Stickland | March 26, 2019
Regulations and mandates often strike fear in C-suites and compliance managers, as they automatically gravitate toward how these could restrict them or hold back their business. Focusing on the punitive measures that accompany regulations, however, prevents organizations from realizing that compliance can help enterprise’s reach new customers, understand existing customers better and tackle long-delayed infrastructure […]
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Your questions on strong customer authentication answered

By Fred O'Connor | February 28, 2019
Are European banks prepared to provide strong customer authentication (SCA)? How can biometrics be stored securely? What two-factor authentication methods do banks prefer to use to provide strong customer authentication? These are just a few of the questions we received after our webinar on PSD2 and how payment providers can provide strong customer authentication without impeding […]
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As use of biometrics grows, some states consider legislation to protect privacy

By Justine Brown | February 25, 2019
As the use of biometrics grows across a range of industries, so do concerns over how this information will be used (or misused) and possible effects on personal privacy. To ensure that the parties collecting and managing this data are also protecting and using it properly, some states have implemented laws governing the gathering and […]
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Using biometrics to meet PSD2’s strong customer authentication mandate

By Fred O'Connor | February 12, 2019
The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) looks to improve how Europeans manage their money and reduce cybercrime associated with online shopping. This blog provides an overview of PSD2’s key components with an emphasis on the mandate for strong customer authentication. What is PSD2 and why is it necessary PSD2 aims to foster more competition among […]
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