In numbers: the cost of authentication

By Fred O'Connor | January 30, 2020
Authentication costs add up. That’s the takeaway from research Veridium conducted on how much companies spend on authentication. The costs vary based on the authentication method and number of employees a company has but one point is clear: protecting data using passwords, Windows Hello, tokens and smartcards can cost companies millions, regardless of industry.  Some […]
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When implementing SCA, remember the customer

By Fred O'Connor | January 23, 2020
As businesses work to implement PSD2’s strong customer authentication (SCA) component by late 2020 (or even earlier for some U.K. firms that offer online banking) there’s a key group to keep in mind: customers. With banks, payment providers and merchants all trying to figure out how to comply with SCA, their focus may be more […]
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The death of the password expected to be biggest trend for 2020

By James Stickland | January 21, 2020
One of the key trends to impact millions of people and businesses in 2020 is the death of the password. Passwords are widely recognized as an outdated, costly method of authentication, and a frequently used attack vector. It is no surprise that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) now recognizes multi factor authentication […]
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Tis the season for password resets at work

By Jason Tooley | January 2, 2020
As employees return to work after the Christmas and New Year’s break, many will partake in the yearly tradition of resetting the passwords they forgot while they were off. For employees, this means lost productivity. Instead of working, they’ll stare at their monitors and wait for IT to reset their passwords. The wait times could […]
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Why bunq partners with Veridium on customer authentication

By Bunq | November 15, 2019
Customers of bunq, an innovative European challenger bank, can use biometrics instead of passwords to access their accounts. In this blog, bunq discusses some common problems with passwords and why the bank partnered with Veridium to favor biometrics for customer authentication and onboarding. Passwords aren’t known for providing positive user experiences. With requirements around character […]
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The top six reasons to use passwordless authentication

By Fred O'Connor | October 24, 2019
Everyone seems to want to stop using passwords. Security and IT professionals loathe them because they’re frequently used by attackers to infiltrate organizations. Anyone who handles user experience dislikes passwords because they’re not very user friendly. Despite this grumbling, passwords have been the main way we authenticate since the 1960s, chiefly because no one has […]
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Going passwordless? Start by looking for products with these three features

By Fred O'Connor | October 15, 2019
Organizations that are eliminating passwords are in good company. Microsoft is phasing out password authentication for its employees (and expects other businesses to do the same) and Gartner has noted that more enterprises are interested in going passwordless. But the identity and access management market is crowded with vendors offering some type of passwordless technology. […]
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How eliminating passwords improves the authentication experience for employees (and boosts productivity)

By Fred O'Connor | September 19, 2019
Employees face a less-than-stellar experience logging in to the many applications they use. First, they have to create unique passwords for all the applications, cloud services and tools that they need. There’s a password for Salesforce, Dropbox, WordPress, HubSpot, Citrix, G Suite and the desktop, among the many other applications employees rely on. Then they […]
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Passwords, employees and the battle for productivity

By Fred O'Connor | September 5, 2019
A productivity battle is being fought at offices everywhere. On one side is the user, who just wants to file that report or send that email. On the other, is the authentication process that requires using a password to log in to the many tools and services employees need to complete their jobs.A password is […]
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