With biometrics common in their personal lives, people want to use the technology at work

By Fred O'Connor | March 6, 2019
Using biometrics to unlock a smartphone and access mobile apps has become common. The annoyance of remembering swipe patterns, PINs and passwords has been replaced with a better user experience: touch a fingerprint sensor or just look at your smartphone’s screen and you’re authenticated. In addition to using biometric authentication in their personal lives, people […]
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Could Iris Recognition be Coming to the Enterprise?

By John Callahan | May 22, 2018
Our daily lives are finally catching up to the sci-fi visions we read and dreamed about 30 years ago: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and biometrics to name a few. As such, our experiences of technology in the workplace are on the cusp of dramatic shifts. Notwithstanding the recent popularity of Touch ID, biometric authentication has […]
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Mobile devices: The ‘last mile’ to enterprise biometrics

By John Callahan | May 7, 2018
Authenticating who is truly behind any action, whether it’s logging into Twitter or accessing a bank account, is the biggest challenge in security today. At the enterprise level, this reality is infinitely more critical: businesses need to completely secure access to their systems and data and be certain that only those who are granted access […]
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Mobile World Congress 2018: Greatest Hits

By Sarah Landes | March 6, 2018
It was an absolute pleasure to attend Mobile World Congress this past week, even though the famous Barcelona sunshine did not make much of an appearance. However, there were some real standouts at the show, which made traveling through storms to get there totally worth it. Once you walked into the show, you immediately noticed […]
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We’ll See You at Mobile World Congress

By Sarah Landes | February 22, 2018
Who doesn’t love Barcelona? It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with some of the best food. And next week, thousands will descend upon the city for one of the biggest mobile conferences in the world – Mobile World Congress! Mobile World Congress brings together hundreds of cutting-edge and innovative tech companies […]
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The Trials of Banking the Unbanked

By Sarah Landes | February 15, 2018
The worst inconvenience I have with my bank is that they don’t have a lot of branches or ATM’s around Boston. But it’s not too much trouble because I just use their mobile app for my day-to-day needs. Access to your banking services is probably not an issue that you think about or even deal […]
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The Changing Landscape of Mobile Biometrics

By Sarah Landes | October 5, 2017
Advances in Face and Iris Recognition Since the 1990’s, iris and facial recognition have been used in many fields where secure access to materials or information is important. Now the technology is becoming mainstream through increased adoption in smartphones. The strides that iris and facial recognition have made in recent years is due mostly to […]
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The Future is Bright for Mobile Biometrics

By Ian E. Muller | September 21, 2017
From fingerprint to iris, mobile biometrics are evolving at such a rapid pace it’s often difficult for consumers to keep up. Nearly every mid- to high-end device on the market offers a fingerprint scanner today, and Samsung and Apple have begun paving the way for more advanced methods of biometric capture as well with iris […]
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Will Face ID Really Replace Touch ID?

By Asem Othman | September 12, 2017
The upcoming iPhone 8, or iPhone X, is bringing some major changes to Apple’s flagship device, the biggest of which is the removal of the home button. This move allows for increased real estate on the device for the screen, but it may eliminate one of the iPhone’s most popular features – Touch ID. For […]
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