How A Toaster Could Steal Your Identity

By Fred O'Connor | September 5, 2018
There is so much about the Internet of Things (IoT) that is funny — as long as you don’t consider the security implications. Consider: For a mere $100 you can own a toaster that will notify you when your toast is ready. “A companion app that has different types of bread and a slider to […]
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My identity has been stolen. Now what?

By Lori Cohen | August 22, 2018
There are only two kinds of people online: Those of us who know our identity was stolen and those that are about to find out. Which are you? Me? I’m now one of some nine million Americans the FTC estimates have had their identities stolen each year. In fact, “About 2 in 5 Americans have […]
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How Biometrics Guarantee Your Digital Signature is You

By Ward Rosenberry | August 14, 2018
Humans have been using signatures since civilization began as proof of identity and intent. A signature is a person’s name or sign written in a distinctive way that is hard for another to copy. Kings used signet rings and monograms to sign orders and proclamations. Charlemagne, who ruled the Frankish Kingdom from 801 to 814, […]
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Has Your Account Been Pwned? A Password Horror Story.

By Lori Cohen | July 4, 2018
What follows is a cautionary tale about how passwords really need to go the way of the dodo. Until that happens we suggest using these two free, simple websites, HaveIbeenpwned and Hacked-Emails, to find out if you are at risk because one of your online accounts was compromised in a data breach. Simply enter your […]
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Who Owns Your Identity?

By John Callahan | June 15, 2018
In the era of digital identities, our personal data is strewn about the Internet. We regularly divulge details about our private lives on social media, from those “Nine truths and a lie” quizzes to sharing our location with our friends. Beyond social media, a basic image search can nearly always bring up a clear headshot […]
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Blockchain is a Highway: Blame the Drivers, Not the Road

By John Callahan | April 12, 2018
Blockchain technology offers great potential to revolutionize how we store, access, and share data digitally. From protecting our digital identities to sharing photos of cats (the favorite pastime of the Internet), blockchain is simply a new way to transmit information. Any information. And just like previous technologies used for the same ends, that information could […]
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Does Your Doppelganger Share Your Fingerprints?

By Ian E. Muller | March 13, 2018
From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to mythological twins Romulus and Remus credited with founding the city of Rome, twins have captured the human imagination across the millennia. Some say that spotting your doppelganger or look-alike is a harbinger of bad luck. Others say a doppelganger is your evil twin. But it’s not all bad.  Shakespeare’s […]
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As KYC Evolves, So Too Must Identity Verification & Authentication

By Ian E. Muller | February 13, 2018
The core principle of anti-money laundering (AML), and financial service as a whole is Know Your Customers (KYC). However, KYC regulations and an evolving technology landscape make it difficult for financial services firms and other organizations to keep up with the changes happening around KYC and AML. What is KYC? KYC, simply put, is the […]
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No More Half Measures: Combating Money Laundering in the Digital Age

By Sarah Landes | January 25, 2018
What is Money Laundering? If you have watched television in the past ten years, then you have probably seen or heard of Breaking Bad. The show’s main character – the meth-making mastermind Heisenberg – realizes early on in his risky career that he somehow needs to legitimize the money he makes – for his family’s […]
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