Biometric Identification or Biometric Authentication?

By Alan Goode | July 11, 2018
What is Biometric Identification? We use terminology on a daily basis, sometimes without fully understanding its true meaning. Technology is full of terminology that can even baffle the experts, and one area that often causes confusion is biometric identification and biometric authentication. Biometric identification answers the question “who are you” and can be applied to […]
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Device- or Server-Centric Biometric Authentication Methods – Which One Shall I Choose?

By Alan Goode | January 28, 2018
Biometric-based user authentication hit the mainstream in 2015 with forecasts from my company, Goode Intelligence, predicting that over 120 million used biometrics on their mobile devices to access financial services. This figure is set to rapidly increase as we enter 2016, with organizations across a variety of vertical industries deploying biometric technology to provide convenient methods […]
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Biometric Authentication for Healthcare

By Alan Goode | October 20, 2017
The healthcare industry has been an early adopter of biometrics for both patient and healthcare worker identification and authentication. Its adoption is being driven by industry regulation and a rise in medical identity theft. Combatting Medical Identity Theft One of the primary drivers for the adoption of biometrics in healthcare is to counteract fraud. There […]
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Biometric Trends for 2017

By Alan Goode | December 15, 2016
As we approach the end of 2016, I would like to share my thoughts on what I believe will be some of the most important trends for biometrics for 2017. This year has been an amazing one for biometric technology, with an acceleration of adoption across many industries and the increasing availability of biometric services […]
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Biometrics in Financial Services: Current Trends

By Alan Goode | September 29, 2016
Financial services firms are a major adopter of biometric technology for a number of compelling reasons. Across many financial channels, biometrics is increasingly being used to reduce financial fraud and to solve the problem of how to effectively authenticate customers and authorize financial transactions. In this blog, I summarize the latest market activity and provide […]
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Biometric Authentication: It’s All About the Platform!

By Alan Goode | August 18, 2016
Biometric authentication has gone from zero to mass consumer adoption in a very short space of time. My own forecast for the adoption of mobile biometric authentication for financial services suggests that over 120 million people used biometrics on their phones to access bank services and to initiate payments during 2015. We are only at […]
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Biometric Identity 2.0: The Need for End-to-End Biometric Identity Management

By Alan Goode | July 19, 2016
On paper, it seems easy for a service provider to integrate a biometric solution into a mobile or web app. Apple’s Touch ID and Google Android’s native biometric APIs allow developers to leverage built-in sensors that help users benefit from convenient, mobile-based biometrics. Developers may find an easy-to-deploy API useful in integrating biometric authentication into […]
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Consumer Acceptance of Biometrics Growing

By Alan Goode | June 28, 2016
It has been almost three years since Apple first introduced the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to its devices. While, this was not the first time that a mobile phone manufacturer integrated a fingerprint biometric authentication solution (this was Sharp back in 1999), it was seminal in that it was integrated into one of the most […]
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Whose Finger Is It?

By Alan Goode | May 26, 2016
Mobile biometric authentication systems such as Apple’s Touch ID and Android’s fingerprint solutions have brought biometrics to the mainstream. They provide convenient access to smartphones and mobile apps, but can a service provider who is leveraging the built-in biometric capabilities really know whose finger has been enrolled? Organizations that trust self-enrolled biometric data could be […]
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