U.S. Customs Agency Sees Growing Role for Facial Recognition

By Justine Brown | September 19, 2018
Anyone who has traveled abroad recently and returned to the U.S. via a major airport has probably witnessed the new kiosks in use by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). CBP began testing the systems in 2015 as part of its biometric entry and exit programs to screen out people arriving in the U.S. with […]
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Facial Recognition Technology is Everywhere. Should we worry?

By John Callahan | August 15, 2018
Facial recognition systems are showing up everywhere it seems. While it’s not only used for security (at the Soccer Hall of Fame it will personalize visitor experience), that is its primary purpose. There have been many deployments at large venues, like airports around the world — it already caught an imposter in the U.S. — […]
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The Problem of Racial Profiling and Facial Recognition

By Constantine von Hoffman | July 18, 2018
In theory, biometrics should be free of the idiocy of racism. A fingerprint cannot tell you how much melanin someone’s skin has. Ditto an iris, a voice pattern, etc. Unfortunately, there is the problem of facial recognition. As Joy Buolamwini of MIT and Timnit Gebru of Microsoft found in their research of three commercial software systems: […]
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