2017 Was the Worst Year for Data Breaches Yet

By Ian E. Muller | January 23, 2018
2017 was a banner year in cybersecurity for both the right and wrong reasons. We saw an influx of companies embracing stepped-up authentication strategies, including biometric authentication, to enhance security and improve end-user privacy. But we also saw a rise in cyber attacks and severe data breaches. Worst of all, many of the biggest breaches […]
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Hackers Continuing to Exploit RDP Credentials

By Rosa Hargrove | December 7, 2017
Hackers are having one hell of a year. They’re finding more vulnerable points to attack digital enterprises. Even as people implement two-factor authentication to get into their personal accounts, hackers are still managing to successfully access email inboxes, servers, and high-privilege access accounts. But there’s one “classic” entry point that hackers are continuing to exploit: […]
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Cybersecurity in 2018: Drastic Measures for Drastic Times

By James Stickland | December 5, 2017
Many of us were affected by the Equifax data breach, but those of us in the cybersecurity industry were shaken to our core. The fallout of this and other major cyberattacks over the last few years has yet to be fully realized, and the sheer scale of these breaches has caused many enterprise leaders in […]
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Data Breaches Will Cost Us, Here’s the Receipt

By Rosa Hargrove | November 16, 2017
Some experts insist that security breaches in the digital sphere are inevitable. This is a sad thought, particularly coming from an expert, but it’s not unreasonable given companies’ largely lax attitude towards cybersecurity. Companies have shown an unwillingness and/or an inability to adopt the best security practices, even if they’re handling sensitive information. But the […]
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‘Critical’ For a Reason: Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure

By Rosa Hargrove | October 31, 2017
Hacking itself isn’t a problem. Disruption is. Sure, breaking into a system isn’t great, but it’s what hackers do once they’re in the system that causes the real problems. Most commonly, they’ll disseminate the information they find or infect the system with malware. Here’s what disruption looks like in that case: Phone calls with banks, […]
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Why You Need to be in Cybersecurity

By Rosa Hargrove | October 26, 2017
We’re all fools. There’s an industry with a 2 percent unemployment rate and a median salary that’s over $80,000. The day-to-day tasks involve protecting people, with the added bonus of minimal risk of bodily harm. But we won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. This week’s theme for National Cyber Security Awareness Month – Consider […]
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Cybersecurity Ethics: No Choice is Perfect

By Rosa Hargrove | October 24, 2017
You arrive at dinner a little early. The waiter seats you as you wait for your friend. A few minutes later, your friend approaches with a wave and a horrific dress shirt. It’s the kind of shirt that offends all and delights no one.  Do you tell him? Now or later? Do you want to […]
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Folly, Fear, and the Internet’s Future

By Rosa Hargrove | October 19, 2017
Time flies. The present roars past us, bringing us to the brink of the future before we know it. During the dial-up era, we couldn’t imagine computers in our pockets or messaging everywhere we went. As the Internet developed, the discussions around its future evolved. We wondered how it would look in “the future” – […]
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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is Here!

By Rosa Hargrove | October 11, 2017
Americans think cybersecurity is important – as long as it’s not inconvenient. According to LastPass, over 59 percent of people use the same password for multiple accounts, even though the dangers of that behavior are well-documented. It’s everyone’s responsibility to take cybersecurity seriously, especially since multiple machines can be co-opted by one person’s mistake. Poor […]
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IoT: The Internet of Vulnerable Things

By Rosa Hargrove | October 3, 2017
Internet of Things (IoT) devices present us with a promise. They promise that our lives will become more convenient when we connect our home assistants, Smart TVs, and security devices to the Internet. For many people, this ends up being true. IoT devices can harness the Internet to save you time and summon powerful resources […]
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