What the Citrix, Veridium relationship means for Workspace customers

By Fred O'Connor | August 26, 2019
Providing Citrix customers with a better authentication experience is a key objective for Veridium. But how does Veridium’s passwordless authentication platform fit with Citrix’s customer strategy and how can Citirx customers benefit from using it? To better explain the Citrix and Veridium relationship, we talked to Veridium CRO Jason Tooley. Jason previously worked for Citrix […]
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How Citrix Workspace users can adopt passwordless authentication

By Fred O'Connor | August 22, 2019
You’re back in the office after a holiday and actually looking forward to working. You open Citrix Workspace and are asked for a password. But you don’t remember it. Is it your dog’s name? The model of your first car? After multiple failed login attempts, you reset your password, a laborious process that entails contacting […]
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Why Veridium won Best in Show and Best Application, Security at Citrix Synergy

By John Spencer and Ross Penny | July 8, 2019
Getting your product recognized by a major technology company like Citrix is always a positive. And when you’re recognized  twice in the same week (which happened to Veridium at this year’s Citrix Synergy show where we won Best in Show and Best Application, Security), you know that you’re on the right path to helping Citrix […]
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Moving beyond passwords with Citrix Workspace and Veridium

By Craig Hinchliffe | November 1, 2018
Let’s face it, a mobile workforce is not easy to manage. Employees expect instant, friction-free access to corporate resources across any location, network or device. And as an employer you want your people to be as productive as possible, but you must also carefully manage the risks associated with mobility. It’s essential to protect enterprise […]
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