How Biometrics are Changing Finance

By Justine Brown | October 10, 2018
Robbing a bank used to be a physical endeavor. You either donned a mask, secured a getaway driver and went in guns blazing; or you burrowed a hole into the bank from an adjoining building in the middle of the night and cracked the safe — at least according to the movies. Either way, you […]
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5 Ways Biometric Authentication Is Revolutionizing Financial Institutions

By Ian E. Muller | June 14, 2018
Biometrics has let banks revolutionize their customer relationships. From using Face ID to unlock mobile apps or fingerprints for authorizing in-store payments, biometrics are now taken for granted in our financial lives. It has also changed how financial institutions do business in ways that are equally revolutionary, although not nearly as noticeable. Know Your Customer […]
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Why a Major Swiss Bank is Switching to Biometric Authentication

By Ian E. Muller | June 7, 2018
Biometric Authentication and Banking Financial service firms have consistently been leading the charge in adopting biometric authentication. Why? Ease of use, enhanced security, and cost savings. However, they have mostly done this with customer-facing services: Banking apps were some of the first to embrace granting access via fingerprint, and one of the most common uses […]
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Disrupting Banking with Biometrics & Blockchain

By Sarah Landes | November 14, 2017
Banking is changing at an extremely rapid pace, from mobile transactions to expanding regulatory demands across the world. As technological advances allow consumers and employees to interact with financial accounts in more intricate ways, it’s essential that institutions know who is involved in each transaction. Proof of identity is the hill that many organizations may […]
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No PIN, Big Problem

By Lori Cohen | July 13, 2017
Chip, but no PIN. Is this technology really keeping our finances safe? Is fraud going down? If my experience is any indication of what’s going on in the United States, chip security has some cracks in it. Just the other day on my way to work I got a call from my bank. I typically […]
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Taking Biometrics to the Bank

By James Stickland | February 9, 2017
2016 was – unfortunately – a banner year for data breaches. The one thing all of these attacks had in common? Weak or compromised passwords. This reality should be putting all companies on edge, but some industries – like financial services – are particularly worried, given the extreme financial risk to themselves and their customers, […]
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Biometric Authentication Solutions for Banking at FinovateEurope

By Ian E. Muller | February 2, 2017
Whenever you make a transaction or access an account, traditionally you’ve needed to confirm your identity by entering a password or PIN. Over the last decade, however, we’ve started to recognize the inherent weakness of passwords and PINs and a strong need to replace them with something more secure. The advent of mobile banking apps […]
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bunq Launches First Banking App with 4 Fingers Biometric

By Ian E. Muller | November 17, 2016
Mobile-only Dutch bank bunq, the “WhatsApp of banks,” has launched the newest version of its app, which uses biometrics to authenticate users. Rather than using selfies or single fingerprints through Touch ID, bunq decided to leverage more advanced biometrics with Veridium’s 4 Fingers TouchlessID (4 Fingers). Why 4 Fingers? bunq embraced the use of 4 […]
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Creating an Unhackable ATM

By Jason Braverman | October 13, 2016
ATM skimming is the fraudulent art of attaching a custom-made device that blends into the ATM machine itself, usually over the area where you insert your credit card, to steal the digital card information. There are as many variations on these devices as they are in ATM machines themselves. Sometimes they install over the keypad […]
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