Forget Tokens, Biometric Authentication is the Future

By Ian E. Muller | June 19, 2018
Tokens are the bane of many organizations’ existence. How many times have you gotten to work only to realize you left it at home? And then even if you remember the token you still have to remember your password. Then you have to type in the code before it times out. And it’s not just […]
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Biometrics Can Provide Better Data Provenance

By John Callahan | June 6, 2018
Imagine these scenarios: Insiders at a financial institution place transactions using e-execution and then deny involvement when trades lose money. Regulated individuals share secrets and collude to fix pricing via messaging services. Fraud occurs through re-diverted funds within Treasury departments. Funds are embezzled or redirected for personal gain. Confidential data is accessed for market price […]
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Key Questions You Need to Ask When Buying a MFA Solution

By Ayenna Cagaanan | May 17, 2018
Organizations everywhere are bolstering their cybersecurity plans through multi-factor authentication (MFA). But before making a purchasing decision, you need to carefully weight different factors to ensure you’re selecting the MFA solution that best fits your company’s needs, including cost, efficiency, and ease of integration. Here are three guiding questions you should answer before considering a […]
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Citrix Synergy 2018: Innovation Wanted

By Sarah Landes | May 15, 2018
Citrix Synergy was a fun, informative event. We met lots of interesting people from a diverse set of industries from healthcare to education. The event itself was small compared to some others we’ve been to this year (RSA, MWC), but the steady flow of people asking for demos kept us busy throughout the three days […]
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Why Would I Use a Password to Log Into My Citrix Environment?

By John Spencer | May 8, 2018
Just over a year ago I left Citrix to make it big with an innovative startup. Today, I’m delighted to be heading up the product group for a small company called Veridium, but I’m equally as delighted to be going back to Anaheim next week to see some of the friends I left behind at […]
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The Joy of a Future Without Passwords

By Ian E. Muller | May 3, 2018
The ubiquitous nature of smartphones and their ability to capture a variety of biometrics presents new and ambitious opportunities for simplifying our lives every day. Thanks to Touch ID, Apple Pay, smartwatches, and Android-equivalents, we’re able to pay for goods and services, access data and apps, and much more, all with the touch of a […]
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Sounds Phishy: Why You Should Use Strong Authentication

By Ayenna Cagaanan | April 10, 2018
March 24, 2016, started off like any other day. As I hit snooze on my cell phone alarm, I turned over in my bed, scrolled through my social media, and checked a few emails from the surprisingly large amount that had already accumulated. One email from financial aid asked me for my username and password […]
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Kerberos and Biometrics: Guarding the Gates of Windows

By Ward Rosenberry | April 9, 2018
Most people in the technology world have heard of Kerberos. Windows Active Directory domains use the Kerberos protocol to allow single sign-on access to network services. Kerberos didn’t just appear on the scene one day. It evolved out of Project Athena, a huge technology effort in the 1980s by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), […]
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It’s Time to Lay Passwords to Rest

By Sarah Landes | April 5, 2018
Week after week another company is added to the growing list of massive data breaches. Your data, my data, everyone’s data is out there now – there is no turning back. You might think the rumors about the death of passwords are nothing but gossip, but they truly are the weakest link in securing your […]
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Multi-Step vs Multi-Factor Authentication

By Ayenna Cagaanan | March 22, 2018
Around four years ago, Brown University rolled out a multi-step authentication program to increase their cybersecurity. Partnering with Duo Security, they required all Brown affiliated users to log into any Brown related site to input a secure password and then verify their identity through a “push” (a phone call or text) on their phone. This, […]
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