With biometrics common in their personal lives, people want to use the technology at work

By Fred O'Connor | March 6, 2019
Using biometrics to unlock a smartphone and access mobile apps has become common. The annoyance of remembering swipe patterns, PINs and passwords has been replaced with a better user experience: touch a fingerprint sensor or just look at your smartphone’s screen and you’re authenticated. In addition to using biometric authentication in their personal lives, people […]
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Using biometrics to meet PSD2’s strong customer authentication mandate

By Fred O'Connor | February 12, 2019
The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) looks to improve how Europeans manage their money and reduce cybercrime associated with online shopping. This blog provides an overview of PSD2’s key components with an emphasis on the mandate for strong customer authentication. What is PSD2 and why is it necessary PSD2 aims to foster more competition among […]
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Buyer Beware: All 2FA Solutions are not Created Equal

By Lori Cohen | September 27, 2018
Most 2FA solutions on the market today aren’t even ‘two-factor’ solutions according to Ant Allan, a Gartner Research vice president, who recently tweeted: “Most mainstream #2fa or #mfa solutions are really ”second-factor“ solutions – they add to an existing password. (Even when they have their own PIN.) Few vendors offer both factors in a well-integrated […]
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