How Biometrics Guarantee Your Digital Signature is You

By Ward Rosenberry | August 14, 2018
Humans have been using signatures since civilization began as proof of identity and intent. A signature is a person’s name or sign written in a distinctive way that is hard for another to copy. Kings used signet rings and monograms to sign orders and proclamations. Charlemagne, who ruled the Frankish Kingdom from 801 to 814, […]
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Kerberos and Biometrics: Guarding the Gates of Windows

By Ward Rosenberry | April 9, 2018
Most people in the technology world have heard of Kerberos. Windows Active Directory domains use the Kerberos protocol to allow single sign-on access to network services. Kerberos didn’t just appear on the scene one day. It evolved out of Project Athena, a huge technology effort in the 1980s by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), […]
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Biometric Authentication: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

By Ward Rosenberry | March 1, 2018
I just scanned the biometric news feeds on the web. They’re exploding with biometrics that most people outside the industry might think of as, well, futuristic. But being more of an insider and knowing what’s here now and what’s in the pipeline, these biometrics are already deployed across the globe. Gesture recognition, iris recognition, retinal […]
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