Citrix Synergy 2018: Innovation Wanted

By Sarah Landes | May 15, 2018
Citrix Synergy was a fun, informative event. We met lots of interesting people from a diverse set of industries from healthcare to education. The event itself was small compared to some others we’ve been to this year (RSA, MWC), but the steady flow of people asking for demos kept us busy throughout the three days […]
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Take What is Offered: Biometric Authentication in Altered Carbon

By Sarah Landes | April 19, 2018
What happens when technology reaches the level where it can grant humans immortality? Richard K Morgan’s epic 2002 novel, and current Netflix show, Altered Carbon explores this question, and in the process reveals an unsettling answer about owning your own identity. We are thrown into an unfamiliar world of flying cars, neon skyscrapers, and eerily […]
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It’s Time to Lay Passwords to Rest

By Sarah Landes | April 5, 2018
Week after week another company is added to the growing list of massive data breaches. Your data, my data, everyone’s data is out there now – there is no turning back. You might think the rumors about the death of passwords are nothing but gossip, but they truly are the weakest link in securing your […]
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The World of Tomorrow: Theme Parks and Your Biometrics

By Sarah Landes | March 20, 2018
I love theme parks – judge me all you want, but recently, I made my annual pilgrimage to Universal Studios in Florida and realized for the first time that I was giving them my biometrics! While I had done this process many times before, this time I took notice. I started researching the history of […]
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Mobile World Congress 2018: Greatest Hits

By Sarah Landes | March 6, 2018
It was an absolute pleasure to attend Mobile World Congress this past week, even though the famous Barcelona sunshine did not make much of an appearance. However, there were some real standouts at the show, which made traveling through storms to get there totally worth it. Once you walked into the show, you immediately noticed […]
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We’ll See You at Mobile World Congress

By Sarah Landes | February 22, 2018
Who doesn’t love Barcelona? It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with some of the best food. And next week, thousands will descend upon the city for one of the biggest mobile conferences in the world – Mobile World Congress! Mobile World Congress brings together hundreds of cutting-edge and innovative tech companies […]
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The Trials of Banking the Unbanked

By Sarah Landes | February 15, 2018
The worst inconvenience I have with my bank is that they don’t have a lot of branches or ATM’s around Boston. But it’s not too much trouble because I just use their mobile app for my day-to-day needs. Access to your banking services is probably not an issue that you think about or even deal […]
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Biometrics are the Future of Identity

By Sarah Landes | February 1, 2018
The Turning Tide of Data Security In the beginning, there was the Internet. And then the Internet gods populated it with basic services and applications. In that blissfully simple time, consumers had little to worry about. There were only a few passwords to remember, and only a little personal data was stored online. Now, however, […]
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No More Half Measures: Combating Money Laundering in the Digital Age

By Sarah Landes | January 25, 2018
What is Money Laundering? If you have watched television in the past ten years, then you have probably seen or heard of Breaking Bad. The show’s main character – the meth-making mastermind Heisenberg – realizes early on in his risky career that he somehow needs to legitimize the money he makes – for his family’s […]
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Disrupting Banking with Biometrics & Blockchain

By Sarah Landes | November 14, 2017
Banking is changing at an extremely rapid pace, from mobile transactions to expanding regulatory demands across the world. As technological advances allow consumers and employees to interact with financial accounts in more intricate ways, it’s essential that institutions know who is involved in each transaction. Proof of identity is the hill that many organizations may […]
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