Buyer Beware: All 2FA Solutions are not Created Equal

By Lori Cohen | September 27, 2018
Most 2FA solutions on the market today aren’t even ‘two-factor’ solutions according to Ant Allan, a Gartner Research vice president, who recently tweeted: “Most mainstream #2fa or #mfa solutions are really ”second-factor“ solutions – they add to an existing password. (Even when they have their own PIN.) Few vendors offer both factors in a well-integrated […]
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My identity has been stolen. Now what?

By Lori Cohen | August 22, 2018
There are only two kinds of people online: Those of us who know our identity was stolen and those that are about to find out. Which are you? Me? I’m now one of some nine million Americans the FTC estimates have had their identities stolen each year. In fact, “About 2 in 5 Americans have […]
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Has Your Account Been Pwned? A Password Horror Story.

By Lori Cohen | July 4, 2018
What follows is a cautionary tale about how passwords really need to go the way of the dodo. Until that happens we suggest using these two free, simple websites, HaveIbeenpwned and Hacked-Emails, to find out if you are at risk because one of your online accounts was compromised in a data breach. Simply enter your […]
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Great User Experience is Key to Adoption of New Technology

By Lori Cohen | July 27, 2017
How do you get people to adopt new technology, especially when they are set in their ways? How do you change consumer behavior? To have a shot, you have to focus on the user experience and make sure the technology is working for people, rather than the reverse. That’s what we learned when we did […]
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No PIN, Big Problem

By Lori Cohen | July 13, 2017
Chip, but no PIN. Is this technology really keeping our finances safe? Is fraud going down? If my experience is any indication of what’s going on in the United States, chip security has some cracks in it. Just the other day on my way to work I got a call from my bank. I typically […]
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