Consumer security hangs in the balance with one month to go on PSD2’s SCA

By Jason Tooley | February 18, 2020
In one month’s time, the UK will reach the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) six-month delayed deadline for the implementation of PSD2, and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will finally be enforced for online payments.  More and more consumers value the convenience of online banking and payment platforms, which are now used by over two-thirds of British […]
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Safer Internet Day: Take the opportunity to redefine your authentication strategies

By Jason Tooley | February 10, 2020
The world is celebrating Safer Internet Day on February 11. This will mark its seventeenth year, with 150 countries worldwide coming together to encourage a conversation around the safe and responsible use of digital technology. In today’s fast-moving digital world, businesses are reaping the rewards of a dynamic online presence. Shopping, insurance, and banking have […]
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Tis the season for password resets at work

By Jason Tooley | January 2, 2020
As employees return to work after the Christmas and New Year’s break, many will partake in the yearly tradition of resetting the passwords they forgot while they were off. For employees, this means lost productivity. Instead of working, they’ll stare at their monitors and wait for IT to reset their passwords. The wait times could […]
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Why consumer safety is at risk over Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Jason Tooley | November 28, 2019
Black Friday – originally a one day in-store event with its online counterpart on Cyber Monday – has experienced a colossal shift to online in order to meet changing consumer habits and appetite for convenience. Since its inception ten years ago, Black Friday has almost tripled November online sales to nearly £2 billion, with digital promotions […]
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A smarter way to Know Your Customer

By Jason Tooley | September 24, 2019
In a fast evolving landscape where fraud and cyberattacks have hit an all-time high, one of the biggest issues now facing companies is how to verify customers in the most secure and seamless fashion. In response, many are now turning to more innovative methods of customer authentication such as biometrics. Amidst ever-rising fraud and data […]
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Recent data breach highlights need for biometric best practise

By Jason Tooley | August 16, 2019
Cyberattacks have doubled in the first half of 2019, and companies are increasingly looking for ways to mitigate security risks. One way they are doing this is by moving to a passwordless environment to lower the chances that either employee or customer passwords could be leveraged by threat actors. As recent security incidents have shown, […]
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Biometric market growth set to skyrocket

By Jason Tooley | July 25, 2019
The report published this week by Frost and Sullivan, highlighting the unprecedented growth in the global biometric market, was entirely predictable. The market is currently valued at $4.6 billion, and is on course to reach a staggering $11.1 billion by 2023 – this would mean the market sustaining an annual growth rate of 19.3%. When […]
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How biometrics can help retailers meet the Strong Customer Authentication mandate

By Jason Tooley | July 18, 2019
The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) aims to implement the PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in online retail in September. This will apply to online shoppers whose purchase is more than £27 in a single transaction and will require them to relay passwords sent to their mobile phone. However, this change is not welcomed by […]
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Forces turn to biometric authentication as the final frontier in public safety

By Jason Tooley | June 17, 2019
Automated facial recognition technology has rarely been out of the headlines. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick recently said facial recognition is very useful within law enforcement and the technology needs to make its way towards public acceptance or Britain risks being “left behind.” Police forces across the country are facing increasing cost pressures, with […]
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