The death of the password expected to be biggest trend for 2020

By James Stickland | January 21, 2020
One of the key trends to impact millions of people and businesses in 2020 is the death of the password. Passwords are widely recognized as an outdated, costly method of authentication, and a frequently used attack vector. It is no surprise that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) now recognizes multi factor authentication […]
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Passwordfree vs. passwordless authentication: the vital differences

By James Stickland | November 21, 2019
Not only do people not like using passwords, but there’s consensus in the identity and access management space that they are not the most secure way to protect data. Look at this year’s Verizon Data Investigations Breach Report, which found that 32 percent of the nearly 42,000 security incidents covered in the report involved phishing […]
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Financial sector granted life-line extension to PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication

By James Stickland | November 5, 2019
Regulators put little trust in the strength of the current payment authentication system and rightly so, as fraud levels have hit an all-time high. In the last year, over 2.6 million UK accounts have been defrauded and of those fraud cases 76 per cent were remote purchases. It is estimated that overall, Europe suffers from a […]
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Ecuador Data Breach: An Entire Nation’s Data Exposed

By James Stickland | October 2, 2019
Over 20 million Ecuadorians have had their personal data exposed online in a massive and unprecedented national data breach owing to an unsecured server. The Ecuadorian government confirmed that the details of 16.5 million living citizens, of whom 7 million are minors, as well as several million deceased individuals were exposed. The breach disclosed a […]
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Using regulations to boost your business

By James Stickland | March 26, 2019
Regulations and mandates often strike fear in C-suites and compliance managers, as they automatically gravitate toward how these could restrict them or hold back their business. Focusing on the punitive measures that accompany regulations, however, prevents organizations from realizing that compliance can help enterprise’s reach new customers, understand existing customers better and tackle long-delayed infrastructure […]
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Taking Bold Steps to Protect High-Value Trading

By James Stickland | January 18, 2018
Trader fraud is on the rise. Last year, the Security and Exchange Commission announced it filed 868 enforcement actions exposing financial reporting-related misconduct by companies and their executives. The announcement noted that 2016 had the most ever cases involving investment advisers or investment companies (160) and the most ever independent or standalone cases involving investment […]
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Cybersecurity in 2018: Drastic Measures for Drastic Times

By James Stickland | December 5, 2017
Many of us were affected by the Equifax data breach, but those of us in the cybersecurity industry were shaken to our core. The fallout of this and other major cyberattacks over the last few years has yet to be fully realized, and the sheer scale of these breaches has caused many enterprise leaders in […]
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Biometric Authentication Methods in Banking & Beyond

By James Stickland | August 29, 2017
Biometric authentication methods provide superior user experience to traditional methods, with increased trust and accountability. With expanding mobile use cases showing particular promise, particularly for replacing tokens, it’s no wonder that more businesses are embracing biometrics. With an improved user experience as a key driver of biometric authentication, companies are able to provide increased usability […]
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Creating a Cybersecurity Culture

By James Stickland | August 10, 2017
As data breaches and other forms of cyber warfare continue to hit the headlines, it becomes clearer that the problem isn’t just in having “enough” cybersecurity in place, but that a culture of security doesn’t exist. As a company nestled somewhere within the sphere of cybersecurity, I sometimes forget that building a business with a […]
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