Using regulations to boost your business

By James Stickland | March 26, 2019
Regulations and mandates often strike fear in C-suites and compliance managers, as they automatically gravitate toward how these could restrict them or hold back their business. Focusing on the punitive measures that accompany regulations, however, prevents organizations from realizing that compliance can help enterprise’s reach new customers, understand existing customers better and tackle long-delayed infrastructure […]
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Taking Bold Steps to Protect High-Value Trading

By James Stickland | January 18, 2018
Trader fraud is on the rise. Last year, the Security and Exchange Commission announced it filed 868 enforcement actions exposing financial reporting-related misconduct by companies and their executives. The announcement noted that 2016 had the most ever cases involving investment advisers or investment companies (160) and the most ever independent or standalone cases involving investment […]
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Cybersecurity in 2018: Drastic Measures for Drastic Times

By James Stickland | December 5, 2017
Many of us were affected by the Equifax data breach, but those of us in the cybersecurity industry were shaken to our core. The fallout of this and other major cyberattacks over the last few years has yet to be fully realized, and the sheer scale of these breaches has caused many enterprise leaders in […]
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Biometric Authentication Methods in Banking & Beyond

By James Stickland | August 29, 2017
Biometric authentication methods provide superior user experience to traditional methods, with increased trust and accountability. With expanding mobile use cases showing particular promise, particularly for replacing tokens, it’s no wonder that more businesses are embracing biometrics. With an improved user experience as a key driver of biometric authentication, companies are able to provide increased usability […]
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Creating a Cybersecurity Culture

By James Stickland | August 10, 2017
As data breaches and other forms of cyber warfare continue to hit the headlines, it becomes clearer that the problem isn’t just in having “enough” cybersecurity in place, but that a culture of security doesn’t exist. As a company nestled somewhere within the sphere of cybersecurity, I sometimes forget that building a business with a […]
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Bouncing Back from a Data Breach

By James Stickland | July 20, 2017
Sooner or later, most businesses will be faced with a data breach, even smaller businesses. In fact, 60 percent of online attacks in 2014 targeted small and midsize businesses. This can spell financial trouble for smaller companies with the price of each compromised record rising to an average of $158 in 2016, according to the […]
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Bringing Biometric Authentication Into the Enterprise

By James Stickland | June 29, 2017
Everyone knows that cybersecurity is a problem that they’re struggling to fix. Whether it’s poor end-user practices, mismatched infrastructure, or not enough skilled IT staff to manage day-to-day operations, there are very few companies doing right by their cybersecurity needs today. What’s needed is an overhaul of the tools we’re using, rather than continuing to […]
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So Biometrics Alone Isn’t the Answer to the Login Process, but Neither is Passwords

By James Stickland | June 1, 2017
We all know that no two biometrics are created equal, and many have touted that fingerprint and iris are much more secure than face or voice. That’s why it came as little surprise when BBC reported that it was able to bypass HSBC’s new Voice ID technology. More people were shocked when, just a few […]
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The Only Thing We Should be Celebrating on World Password Day is the End of Them

By James Stickland | May 4, 2017
Today is World Password Day, and the hashtag of the day is #LayerUp, but I want to tell you that simply “layering up” on top of passwords isn’t enough in this day and age to secure our online identities. Let’s rewind a little though. A lot has changed over the last few decades. Since the […]
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