Healthcare Biometrics for Protecting Patient Privacy

By John Callahan | August 24, 2017
Major hospitals and medical centers use integrated electronic medical record (IEMR) systems for scheduling, registration, clinical documentation, ePrescribing, computerized provider order entry, and charge capture. They improve communications, reduce medical errors, control costs, and help physicians deliver quality care by relieving them of inefficient paperwork and processes. IEMR systems also provide connections to external entities, […]
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Why Financial Services Can No Longer Ignore Blockchain

By John Callahan | July 6, 2017
While it’s stereotypically considered the currency of criminals, bitcoin, and more importantly blockchain, have become one of the most popular topics in banking. It’s expected to have the same global impact that the Internet caused in changing how we do almost everything over the past few decades. But what is blockchain, and why is it […]
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Who Owns Your Identity?

By John Callahan | June 15, 2017
In the era of digital identities, our personal data is strewn about the Internet. We regularly divulge details about our private lives on social media, from those “Nine truths and a lie” quizzes to sharing our location with our friends. Beyond social media, a basic image search can nearly always bring up a clear headshot […]
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Blockchain & Biometrics: The Future of Identity

By John Callahan | May 25, 2017
In the future biometrics will be used extensively for identity management. Biometric authentication is already closely tied to the concept of identity since some biometrics can uniquely identify you within a given set of users (e.g., employees or citizens). In this context, identity is the means by which you make “claims” to rights, membership, and ownership […]
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New Survey Pinpoints Serious Concerns Over the Safety of Online Spending

By John Callahan | November 22, 2016
Our latest research showcases the concerns that Americans have regarding the safety of shopping online this holiday season. According to our consumer poll, almost one-third (29.4 percent) of survey respondents will avoid shopping online entirely this year due to concerns about the rising number of data breaches. Furthermore, 14 percent indicated that they would be less […]
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Breathing New Life Into Authentication With Veridium

By John Callahan | September 22, 2016
When I joined Hoyos Labs earlier in 2016 the rebranding process was well underway toward Veridium, and I knew the timing was perfect. As biometric authentication continues to advance rapidly in the market, we’re seeing increased demand for highly functional, easy to use security solutions that are customizable and robust enough to handle massive enterprise […]
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EMV: A Stop Gap Before the Biometric Revolution?

By John Callahan | July 14, 2016
If you go back to the summer of 2000, before music had gone digital and Apple had reversed its sliding fortunes with the introduction of the iPod, the MiniDisc player was the trendy portable music player to have, enjoying what proved to be an all-too-short dominance. It launched in 1992 but it took several years […]
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