What the California Consumer Privacy Act means for biometrics

By Justine Brown | May 8, 2019
Add California to the list of states with laws prohibiting the use of facial recognition technology to identify people without their informed consent. Other states with a similar regulation include Texas, Illinois and Washington. Last June, California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act, which will change how companies in the state collect and commercialize consumer […]
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Major League Baseball adopts biometric ticketing

By Justine Brown | April 29, 2019
Fingerprints are replacing tickets at some Major League Baseball stadiums. Major League Baseball and Clear have reportedly been testing biometrics in baseball stadiums with a few teams on a small-scale basis for a couple of years. Use of the technology is increasing with the Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers recently announcing that they’re […]
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As biometric use grows, Singapore creates agency focused on the technology

By Justine Brown | April 2, 2019
Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) recently announced it will create a science and technology agency that focuses on biometrics as use of the technology grows rapidly in the country. Singapore is all about biometrics. The country is testing facial recognition for prison inmate management (to replace manual muster checks, among other things). It also […]
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The EU may introduce a national biometric ID card. Will the US follow suit?

By Justine Brown | March 19, 2019
Earlier this month, the EU Council Presidency and European Parliament reached an informal agreement to add biometrics to national identity cards. Under the proposal, new EU ID cards will digitally store two fingerprint images and a facial image on a contactless chip. The proposal is now with the EU ambassadors for confirmation. The European Commission recently […]
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How biometrics could improve the E-Verify system

By Justine Brown | March 12, 2019
The senseless death of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts last fall made national headlines. In addition to the questions and anger the case raised, it also brought attention to E-Verify, an Internet-based system used to check the immigration status of job applicants. The employers of the undocumented immigrant charged with killing Tibbetts initially said they had run […]
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As use of biometrics grows, some states consider legislation to protect privacy

By Justine Brown | February 25, 2019
As the use of biometrics grows across a range of industries, so do concerns over how this information will be used (or misused) and possible effects on personal privacy. To ensure that the parties collecting and managing this data are also protecting and using it properly, some states have implemented laws governing the gathering and […]
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Biometrics is set to drive off

By Justine Brown | January 31, 2019
Over the last several months, the use of biometrics has been adopted by law enforcement personnel, government agencies, healthcare organizations and the finance industry. Now consumer applications of biometrics that go beyond accessing your phone with your fingerprint or face are starting to appear. Using biometrics in this capacity may have significant impacts around making […]
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Biometrics become a critical tool for law enforcement agencies across the globe

By Justine Brown | January 23, 2019
In early January, Planet Biometrics reported that the Malaysian state of Penang plans to launch a CCTV surveillance system that will include facial recognition to aid police in fighting crime. According to the Borneo Post, the system will use artificial intelligence developed by IBM to enhance video feeds from 767 surveillance cameras deployed throughout the […]
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How biometrics could help enhance elections security

By Justine Brown | December 5, 2018
The last election cycle was a roller coaster. In addition to many tightly contested races, there was a great deal of talk about voter fraud. As far as we know today, there was no voter fraud committed in the 2018 mid-term elections, despite some claims to the contrary in Florida and Arizona. But even the […]
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