Securing Biometric Enrollment is Paramount for Safe Authentication

By Jason Braverman | May 30, 2017
Now that biometrics is starting to take hold in more venues, companies need to be especially aware of the process of initial enrollment. A biometric system is only as good as its measurement of the person in question. Additionally, how this information is stored and used is critical to the overall architecture of any biometric […]
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IDaaS is the Next Big Thing

By Jason Braverman | April 20, 2017
Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), might just be the next big thing in identity protection. One of the biggest challenges people have is integrating and accessing useful two-factor (2FA) and multi factor authentication (MFA) schemes. There are a wide variety of companies and products designed to help you protect your online identity, but integrating them into your existing […]
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IoT Security is a Genie in a Bottle

By Jason Braverman | March 30, 2017
As if it wasn’t bad enough that IoT devices were rushed to market in a way that allowed massive takeovers and botnets to control them and wreck the Internet, now everyone and their grandmother is going to be selling Home Automation systems, promising to make your life easier. Just look at IKEA. The Swedish home […]
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How Easily Could an IoT Industrial Disaster Happen?

By Jason Braverman | February 7, 2017
IoT is not a new thing. Big industry, especially large refineries and chemical manufacturing plants have been using radio frequency sensors to monitor things like temperature, pressure, light, and vibration on pipes and storage tanks for decades. These sensors send their information to radio receivers which then take that data and feed it to databases. […]
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Biometrics and How to Protect Against Invalid Usage

By Jason Braverman | January 17, 2017
Biometrics are being touted at the “next big thing” in protecting digital information and identities for online transactions. A computer can use any device with the appropriate sensors, whether it’s a microphone to capture voice or a camera to capture face, and this would certainly seem to protect users from criminals seeking to cause trouble. […]
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What’s “The Cloud,” and Is It Safe?

By Jason Braverman | December 27, 2016
I get this question all the time. People ask me, “what exactly is ‘the cloud?’” This question is usually followed by “is my data safe?” I had thought, in this modern day of connected smartphones, Google domination, and Apple using the term “iCloud,” that people would kind of get it, but perhaps a little refresher […]
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Protect My Network, Please!

By Jason Braverman | December 13, 2016
This is the frustrated mantra we have all been hearing time and again: “Protect my network! Please!” The sad part is, we keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, a phrase that is often called the definition of insanity. To be fair, the problem isn’t that network administrators and […]
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Don’t Wait Till You’re Hacked To Assess Security

By Jason Braverman | December 1, 2016
Seems like we’ve been down this road before. Hackers breach the security, steal something important, and disappear. For the record, these are the attacks you hear about in the news, but there are thousands of critical attacks happening per year. In order to understand how this is possible, you need to have a deep understanding […]
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AI and the Loophole in Security

By Jason Braverman | November 3, 2016
By now you have all heard the new buzzword artificial intelligence, or AI. It’s not really a new term as it has been around for a very long time, but up until recently AI just hasn’t been smart enough, and devices haven’t been ubiquitous enough, for anyone to use it effectively. If you aren’t familiar […]
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