Does Your Doppelganger Share Your Fingerprints?

By Ian E. Muller | March 13, 2018
From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to mythological twins Romulus and Remus credited with founding the city of Rome, twins have captured the human imagination across the millennia. Some say that spotting your doppelganger or look-alike is a harbinger of bad luck. Others say a doppelganger is your evil twin. But it’s not all bad.  Shakespeare’s […]
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Facial Recognition is Improving, but Privacy is Still a Priority

By Ian E. Muller | February 23, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores evolving standards in IoT security, new tools for improving and blocking facial recognition, and its use in US border control. Learn more about the latest biometric and cybersecurity news.
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What Does the Future of Biometrics Hold?

By Ian E. Muller | February 20, 2018
Raise your hand if you use a fingerprint or your face to unlock your phone. Now, keep your hand up if you use it to unlock any apps. What about your banking app? What about to unlock a password manager? I’m willing to bet the majority of you still have your hand in the air. […]
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Expanding Security Threats Require New Tactics to Combat

By Ian E. Muller | February 16, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores the security threat landscape for 2018, the resurgence of tactics like social engineering, and what organizations can do to combat hackers this year to improve how they protect consumers and data.
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As KYC Evolves, So Too Must Identity Verification & Authentication

By Ian E. Muller | February 13, 2018
The core principle of anti-money laundering (AML), and financial service as a whole is Know Your Customers (KYC). However, KYC regulations and an evolving technology landscape make it difficult for financial services firms and other organizations to keep up with the changes happening around KYC and AML. What is KYC? KYC, simply put, is the […]
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Biometrics Improving Security Across Sectors

By Ian E. Muller | February 9, 2018
The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. Here are a few of the headlines you might have missed this week: IoT Security is a Must Today | FCW The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is exploding, and there’s no stopping it. […]
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Text, Token, or Finger? Why 2FA Needs Biometrics

By Ian E. Muller | February 8, 2018
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is vastly superior to using a password alone, adding a second layer of security over something that we all admittedly don’t protect as well as we should. Do you regularly change your password? Is it longer than 12 characters? Did you just use “!” for the required special character? If you’re guilty […]
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Biometric Mythbusters: Do Stolen Fingerprints Mean Identity Theft?

By Ian E. Muller | February 6, 2018
This article focuses on the theft of a complete fingerprint image. Stay tuned for a follow-up article on why you also don’t need to worry to much if your biometric template is stolen from an authentication system. With the rise of biometrics in use across our business and personal lives, it can be easy to […]
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Protecting Employee Access is Key for Advancing Security

By Ian E. Muller | February 2, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores the evolving role of access management in security, particularly for government agencies and banks. Improving protection for identity access management will be critical in 2018.
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Security Woes Can’t Change Overnight, but Technology Is

By Ian E. Muller | January 26, 2018
This issue of the Weekly Cypher explores the evolution of security technologies like single sign-on, biometric authentication, KBA, and blockchain, and how firms can keep up with this rapidly changing field.
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