Happy customers without the overhead: How Cuy Móvil uses Veridium to streamline SIM card registration

By Fred O'Connor | September 18, 2019
Before Cuy Móvil could bring more affordable mobile phone plans to Peru, it needed to figure out how people could register the SIM cards they purchased from the mobile operator with government. To help combat fraud, federal law requires people to register their SIM cards either using their fingerprints or national identity number. Selling SIM […]
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Why enterprises are interested in passwordless authentication

By Fred O'Connor | September 12, 2019
Everyone seems to want to stop using passwords. Security and IT professionals loathe them because they’re a key infiltration tool. Anyone who handles user experience dislikes passwords because they’re not very user friendly. Despite grumbling about passwords, they’ve been the main way we authenticate since the 1960s, mainly because no one has come up with […]
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Passwords, employees and the battle for productivity

By Fred O'Connor | September 5, 2019
A productivity battle is being fought at offices everywhere. On one side is the user, who just wants to file that report or send that email. On the other, is the authentication process that requires using a password to log in to the many tools and services employees need to complete their jobs.A password is […]
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What is a digital ID?

By Fred O'Connor | August 29, 2019
Digital IDs can be authenticated over digital channels, unlike paper-based forms of identification such as driver’s licenses, passports and Social Security cards. Authentication can be carried out using tokens, PINs, passwords or biometrics. Digital IDs can be used to access banking, government, education and other services. The risk of using digital IDs for fraud and […]
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What the Citrix, Veridium relationship means for Workspace customers

By Fred O'Connor | August 26, 2019
Providing Citrix customers with a better authentication experience is a key objective for Veridium. But how does Veridium’s passwordless authentication platform fit with Citrix’s customer strategy and how can Citirx customers benefit from using it? To better explain the Citrix and Veridium relationship, we talked to Veridium CRO Jason Tooley. Jason previously worked for Citrix […]
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How Citrix Workspace users can adopt passwordless authentication

By Fred O'Connor | August 22, 2019
You’re back in the office after a holiday and actually looking forward to working. You open Citrix Workspace and are asked for a password. But you don’t remember it. Is it your dog’s name? The model of your first car? After multiple failed login attempts, you reset your password, a laborious process that entails contacting […]
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Employee enrollment with VeridiumID: Six steps to passwordless authentication

By Fred O'Connor | August 21, 2019
Veridium’s dedicated to providing a better employee authentication experience by helping companies adopt passwordless authentication using biometrics. We believe that using what you are to authenticate is easier and more secure than using something you know.  To help organizations better understand the steps that employees have to take to go passwordless with VeridiumID, we asked […]
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Why Windows Hello doesn’t work for all organizations

By Fred O'Connor | August 13, 2019
After becoming the preferred way for consumers to access smartphones, passwordless authentication using biometrics is appearing in enterprises. Validating passwordless authentication is Microsoft and its Windows Hello biometrics technology. In July, Microsoft showed that biometrics are poised to replace passwords after announcing that the next major Windows 10 release will give people the option of […]
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Countering APT credential use with passwordless authentication

By Fred O'Connor | July 22, 2019
Stolen credentials played a critical role in a recently disclosed cyberespionage campaign that targeted 10 mobile carriers around the world, showing that leveraging usernames and passwords remains a key tactic for threat actors and demonstrating why companies are looking into passwordless authentication.   In that attack, a cyberespionage group connected to China first exploited a vulnerability […]
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