Replace conventional fingerprint scanners with a touchless cost-effective smartphone app

4 Fingers Export

Our 4 Fingers Export SDK captures fingerprint biometrics touchlessly from most iOS or Android smartphones that have a 5MP camera and LED flash. The quality of the prints captured is equivalent to prints collected from a conventional flatbed scanner. Once captured, prints can be saved and exported in a format ready for matching against most legacy databases, including AFIS, Interpol, Eurodac, IDENT1, Aadhaar, and more.

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The Opportunity

In many places around the world government agencies and financial institutions have been collecting people’s fingerprint biometrics for the purposes of identification to receive financial products, government benefits, healthcare, and other services. The process of registering your fingerprints is often cumbersome and expensive because it required the purchase of a flatbed scanner, then the person has to travel to a central location to have their prints taken.

With Veridium’s 4 Fingers Export SDK, fingerprints can be captured and verified anywhere, on almost any smartphone. This method of capturing fingerprints allows for convenient, quick, and secure identification.

Like all of Veridium’s solutions, captured prints are encrypted, transferred, and stored, using IEEE 2410, the Biometric Open Protocol Standard and Visual Cryptography. This method protects the biometric data and preserves the privacy of users.

This technology fulfills the Know Your Customer requirements to open accounts at financial institutions, authenticates citizens to receive government benefits payments, allows them to register to vote, and is compliant with various global standards for remote enrollment and identity verification for many other services.

4 Fingers Export Benefits

  • Prints can be scanned in any environment from near dark to direct sunlight due to the use of the smartphone’s LED flash

  • Switchable between four, five, eight, or 10 finger modes

  • Generates 500 PPI images for compatibility with legacy systems

  • Less than five second capture and processing time per hand

  • SDK integrates easily into custom applications

Certification & Testing

Veridium’s 4 Fingers Export SDK has been rigorously tested against a variety of standards and certification programs, including:

Veridium was also the first mobile technology vendor to join the NIST CRADA program to assist them in developing a standard for contactless fingerprinting in conjunction with the FBI.

Learn more about 4 Fingers TouchlessID and its export capabilities in our webinar "Top Biometric Identifiers"

How Are Biometrics Being Used Around the World?

4 Fingers Export Formats

  • VeridiumID TouchlessFP

  • ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2007


  • ISO/IEC19794-2, 2005

  • ISO/IEC19794-4, 2005

  • RAW print images in B&W segmented and in .zip format

  • WSQ, B&W segmented prints packed in .zip format

  • NFIQ quality score provided

  • Other formats available on request