When Privacy and Security Matter Most,
You Need 4 Fingers TouchlessID

4 Fingers TouchlessID

4 Fingers TouchlessID is a significantly more reliable biometric than other mobile-based solutions. Unlike facial recognition, it won’t fail under bright lights or in dim rooms. In noisy areas, it’s better than voice. And it’s more secure than using a single thumbprint.

Capturing all four fingerprints at once increases the complexity of the data collected, enhancing overall security well beyond partial prints, like those captured by sensor-based mobile fingerprint solutions.

4 Fingers TouchlessID doesn’t require any additional hardware beyond a 5MP camera and LED flash, which nearly all smartphones already have, making it ready to deploy with your BYOD strategy.

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Here’s How it Works

Harnessing the Power of Computer Vision

Veridium’s Computer Vision team developed 4 Fingers TouchlessID because a highly secure, mobile fingerprint biometric simply didn’t exist. Using contactless methods to capture multiple fingerprints at once ensures the quality and complexity of the resulting biometric template, and provides a high level of precision and reliability for authentication.

Our team is working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to include 4 Fingers TouchlessID in the government’s certification program for contactless fingerprint capture. This will ensure compatibility with developing law enforcement and immigration fingerprinting standards.

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Benefits of 4 Fingers TouchlessID

  • Extremely low False Rejection Rate of 1.0% at a 0.01% False Acceptance Rate

  • >500 DPI resolution, the same as high-end flatbed fingerprint scanners

  • Works under any lighting conditions because it uses the device’s LED flash

  • Works on standard smartphones – no additional hardware required

  • Will have Liveness detection in early 2017

  • Uses a simple interface that makes it fast and easy to authenticate

  • 4 Fingers provides high-quality prints for 1:1 or 1:n matching

  • Supports legacy fingerprint database matching

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Do You Need Secure Biometrics?

Here’s how 4 Fingers TouchlessID compares to other biometrics

4 Fingers TouchlessID Fingerprint (Mobile) Fingerprint (Standalone) Voice Face Iris
Contactless Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Cost to Deploy Low Low High Medium Low High
Affected by Skin/Eye Pigment? No No No No Yes No
Affected by Environment? No No No Yes Yes No
Accuracy High Medium High Low* Low* High

* Face and Voice are highly-affected by environment, making them the least accurate biometrics when deploying in most settings.

Learn more about 4 Fingers in our ebook "4 Fingers Are Better Than One."