Eliminate Passwords and Tokens in Microsoft Active Directory in any Citrix Environment

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VeridiumAD for Citrix Environments

For the first time ever, enterprises using Citrix can eliminate passwords and tokens, replacing them with a software-only biometric authentication solution. VeridiumAD increases security, streamlines login processes, and reduces the costs and lost productivity caused by stolen and forgotten passwords. No extra hardware required, VeridiumAD is Citrix Ready.

VeridiumAD 1.3 seamlessly integrates with Citrix environments to provide biometric authentication into StoreFront, NetScaler, Cloud, and ShareFile, eliminating passwords or tokens as part of a 2FA solution. It also enables single sign-on with SAML across environments and third-party services to make secure access more convenient for end users. All deployments enhance enterprise security and increase convenience and productivity at a lower total cost of ownership to the customer.

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Single-Step Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication

With VeridiumAD and Citrix connectors, you log in simply by being you, using face or hand recognition. It’s the first software-only solution for companies using XenApp or XenDesktop. The software replaces passwords altogether, enhancing security when authenticating against Active Directory or Azure AD. This minimizes the risks of compromised credentials and increases productivity, giving employees quick and secure access to their systems and accounts.

Biometrics as a Second Factor

You can also configure VeridiumAD with RADIUS or SAML protocols to replace software- and token-based one-time passwords with biometrics for two-factor authentication. This software-only solution cuts the cost of using tokens by up to 50 percent, increasing security and convenience for your users.

“The secure delivery of apps and data, keeping people and organizations securely connected from anywhere, at all times, is our core mission for Citrix and our partners. We’re pleased to name Veridium as being Citrix Ready to enhance the user experience and maintain customer and data security. Veridium provides biometric authentication of remote users in a streamlined, secure way, complementing Citrix solutions and enhancing customer mobility.”

~ Nabeel Youakim, Citrix vice president of products & strategic partners

Citrix Applications Supported

  • StoreFront 3.6 and Later

  • XenApp 7.9 and Later

  • XenDesktop 7.9 and Later

  • NetScaler 10.5 and Later

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