Increase the Security and Convenience of Active Directory with Single-Step Multi-factor Biometric Authentication

Access Active Directory with Biometric Authentication

VeridiumAD is an enterprise-ready solution that adds biometric authentication to Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD environments. It’s extremely flexible and can be deployed to eliminate hard and soft tokens, or traditional passwords to add biometrics as the primary factor.

By replacing tokens or passwords with biometrics, you’ll be able to verify the identity claimed by any user, keeping your enterprise data safe and secure. Biometric authentication can reduce password resets, lost tokens, help desk requests, and support calls by up to 50 percent, according to Gartner.

VeridiumAD supports a variety of deployment scenarios, including local computer login, virtual environments like Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and remote access through Citrix NetScaler and other VPNs using RADIUS or SAML. It also enables single sign-on capabilities with SAML into Citrix ShareFile, Microsoft Office 365, and other services.

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Flexible and Enterprise-Ready

VeridiumAD integrates the power of our highly configurable Admin Dashboard, ensuring every aspect of access control and security is configurable. You determine who has access to what resources and can configure offline access as needed.

Every organization has unique requirements when it comes to securing network access and data. That’s why VeridiumAD can be configured to support several different scenarios.

VeridiumAD for Microsoft Active Directory is ideal for...

Companies that want to simplify login processes for their employees.

Enterprises looking to reduce the cost of authenticating employees with 2FA.

Businesses seeking to secure remote login with improved identity verification.

Biometric Authentication in Microsoft Windows Login

Eliminate vulnerable passwords with VeridiumAD. The software integrates with Microsoft Windows to directly authenticate your employees through Active Directory and Azure before granting them access to your network. Biometrics eliminate the need for two-factor authentication via hardware or software tokens. Instead, employees log in with their username and biometrics captured on their mobile phone, a USB camera, or a USB fingerprint scanner. It’s fast, convenient, and secure.

Citrix Ready for StoreFront, NetScaler & Cloud

For virtual desktop environments using Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler, and Cloud, VeridiumAD is the first software-only solution that can be configured with biometrics as the primary authentication factor. VeridiumAD can also act as the second factor, replacing hard or soft tokens to reduce the cost of two-factor authentication solutions.

Two-Factor VPN Authentication

VeridiumAD can be configured to replace hard or soft tokens for any virtual private network that uses RADIUS protocols. VeridiumAD reduces the cost and increases security and convenience over other 2FA solutions. This software-only solution is compatible with a variety of VPNs, including Citrix NetScaler, Juniper, F5, and more.

Single Sign-On with SAML

VeridiumAD can also be configured to use SAML for single sign-on into a variety of third-party services, including Citrix ShareFile, Microsoft Office365, GSuite, SalesForce, and more. SAML protocols also allow for a single-step login process without a username or password by syncing the mobile app to the computer with a QR Code.

VeridiumAD Benefits

  • Eliminates passwords and replaces them with biometrics for enhanced security

  • Lowers total cost of ownership for primary and second factor authentication

  • Improved productivity and convenience for end users

  • Secures remote access to VPNs via RADIUS or SAML protocols

  • Supports single sign-on with SAML into Citrix ShareFile, Microsoft Office365, and other third-party services

  • Software-only solution requires no additional hardware for integration with enterprise environments

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VeridiumAD Workflow

VeridiumAD Features

  • Biometrics as a Primary Authenticator: Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler, Cloud

  • Biometrics as a Secondary Authenticator: Citrix NetScaler, VPN (RADIUS or SAML Protocol)

  • Biometrics for Single Sign-On: Citrix ShareFile, Microsoft Office365, and more (SAML Protocol)

  • Supports multiple biometrics for configuration for security needs or user preference

  • Supports Windows Biometric Framework compatible USB fingerprint scanners for AD login

  • Enables offline authentication, syncing the session with the AD server once the user is back online

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