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4 Fingers TouchlessID

The ability to digitize, process, and extract data from a video or photograph is a key piece to making biometrics work. This is why Veridium has a team of computer vision scientists researching and developing new and exciting ways to leverage this technology for authentication.

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4 Fingers TouchlessID

4 Fingers TouchlessID captures four prints simultaneously, giving unprecedented levels of security reliability, and convenience.

This biometric requires a high resolution camera and LED flash included in nearly every modern smartphone to capture fingerprints optically.

Capturing four prints contactlessly, increases both the complexity of the biometric template and the amount of data acquired from the user, amplifying security. No other biometric can achieve the same level of precision and reliability without a significant investment in additional hardware.

Key Benefits of 4 Fingers

  • Integrates with any app for complete customization on iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Requires no additional hardware beyond the user’s smartphone, so it’s a low-cost deployment for businesses.
  • Performing matching in under five seconds.
  • Compatible with legacy fingerprint databases, allowing for 1:1 and 1:n matching for law enforcement and government.
  • Tested and ready to deploy in any environment with VeridiumID, or as a standalone SDK within your own authentication environment.

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Liveness detection provides an additional layer of security that helps distinguish between a real person and an image, video, or mold. Our optional Liveness integration uses a complex set of technologies designed to reduce the risk of presentation attacks (spoofing) against the VeridiumID authentication system.

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