Third-Party Connectors to Enhance Identity & Access Management

Veridium Biometric Connectors

These customizable biometric connectors allow VeridiumAD to integrate with third-party services for identity and access management optimization and single sign-on across various environments, including Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop through Citrix StoreFront, Citrix NetScaler, and other VPNs using the RADIUS protocol.

Citrix StoreFront

Our StoreFront Connector for VeridiumAD snaps in easily with your StoreFront server, providing the first software-only solution for biometric authentication to replace passwords for Active Directory when using XenApp and XenDesktop.

Citrix NetScaler

Our NetScaler Connector for VeridiumAD replaces passwords, or hard and soft tokens to enable biometrics as a second-factor authenticator. With no additional hardware required, this drastically reduces costs and eases the rollout of biometrics for remote access authentication.


Our RADIUS Connector replaces hard and soft tokens with biometrics for authenticating into a variety of environments that uses RADIUS, such as NetScaler, Juniper, F5, and Cisco. This enables biometric authentication for such uses as secure access to VPNs, secure access to wireless systems, and stepped up authentication for privileged access to enterprise services and systems. Support for additional environments is being added on a regular basis.



Our WSO2 Connector allows the VeridiumID platform to integrate with a WSO2 Identity & Access Management system to act as the identity provider for single sign-on into connected applications.

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