Come Join Our Team

Learn why Veridium is on the cutting edge of multifactor biometric authentication.

Why Work at Veridium?

Veridium has assembled an all-star team of developers and computer scientists with a singular mission, to eliminate passwords completely, and we’re always looking to expand that team. We’re seeking top talent in all areas of the business, from research and development to marketing, that’s dedicated to exploring new ways of eliminating the flaws in existing security solutions.

At Veridium, we’re building world-class authentication solutions that will help businesses eliminate passwords and leverage the only true way to securely identify users, their biometrics. We’re passionate about bringing security and convenience together, and we understand that in order to change the security landscape today we need bright, forward-thinking talent that doesn’t just want to change the world of cybersecurity, but have fun doing it.

Perks of Working at Veridium

Working at Veridium isn’t without its Perks. We offer a variety of benefits at each of our offices in Boston, New York City, London, and Oxford, including:

  • Gym Access
  • Employee Social Events
  • Weekly Morning Meetings w/ Free Breakfast
  • Team Lunches
  • Fully Stocked Kitchen w/ Healthy Snacks, Coffee, and more…