Reducing Fraud and Protecting Patients’ Information


Our health information is some of the most sensitive and personal data we have, and as such should be protected from hackers. That’s why we need to eliminate easy-to-crack passwords and steal-able insurance cards from the equation.

Replacing passwords with biometrics will ensure secure yet convenient access to health and insurance records, and provide true identity authentication, so that only you, your doctor, and other authorized healthcare workers have access to them.

Token Replacement

Eliminate costly hard and soft tokens and improve security using biometrics for two-factor authentication.
  • With VeridiumAD you can:

  • Prove user identity with something you are, your biometrics, instead of something you have, a token, which can be lost or stolen

  • Cut the total cost of ownership of token-based 2FA in half

  • Eliminate the pain of using and managing tokens in healthcare facilities

Insurance Fraud

Hackers are increasingly targeting healthcare databases to acquire valuable private data. More than 100 million healthcare records were stolen in 2015, whether from local doctor’s offices or major health insurers. Biometric authentication adds a layer of security that can significantly reduce insurance fraud by ensuring that every patient is exactly who he or she claims to be.
healthcare biometrics patient privacy
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Reduce fraudulent services

  • Replace insurance cards altogether or add biometrics as a second factor

  • Make it easy for patients to sign-in at the doctor’s office, hospital or pharmacy

Electronic Health Records

One of the biggest challenges the medical industry faces in adopting electronic health records (EHRs) is properly protecting access to patients’ private information. This can not only lead to HIPAA violations but to identity theft. In addition, with biometric authentication, the patient is in control of who can access their medical records.
biometrics in healthcare
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Quickly and securely access patient records

  • Control who can access patient medical records

  • Generate reports on any type of access request

Physical Access Control

Medical facilities require the utmost in security. Whether it’s protecting patients or their private data, it is essential that access is well regulated. Replacing key cards and PIN codes with a biometric identity access management solution will allow you to better secure any building or room.
biometric security
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Reduce the costs of lost or stolen swipe cards or keys

  • Secure any facility with biometric authentication

  • Have a complete record of people entering your facilities

Active Directory Integration

Integrate VeridiumAD with Microsoft Active Directory for your employees to eliminate passwords.
active directory biometric authentication
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Better protect access to sensitive, private data

  • Minimize the security risks associated with passwords

  • Reduce the costs associated with password resets

Insurance Fraud is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

biometrics in healthcare
biometrics in healthcare

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