When Privacy and Security Matter Most


The U.S. government has more than doubled its spending on cybersecurity over the last 10 years, from $6.4 billion in 2006 to $14 billion in 2016. However, we continue to see major attacks on federal agencies, like the OPM hack in 2015 and the more recent attack on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Deploying biometrics across government cybersecurity systems can provide the secure identity and access management solution needed to reduce the threat of cyberattacks, while remaining convenient to use for government officials and employees at all levels.

Token Replacement

Eliminate costly hard and soft tokens and improve security using biometrics for two-factor authentication.
  • With VeridiumAD you can:

  • Prove user identity with something you are, your biometrics, instead of something you have, a token, which can be lost or stolen

  • Cut the total cost of ownership of token-based 2FA in half

  • Eliminate the pain of using and managing tokens in government agencies

Physical Access Control

Government facilities are some of the most secure buildings on the planet, but as technology advances, so too do the requirements for controlling access. Security tokens and PINs can be forgotten or stolen, but these solutions with biometrics allows you to better secure facility access control.
active directory biometric authentication
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Better control access to secure facilities

  • Eliminate the risk of lost or stolen keys, codes, and tokens

  • Make it fast and convenient for employees to access their offices

Digital Access Control

Everyone knows it’s no longer a matter of if, but when they will be hacked, which is why we need to be proactive in upgrading digital access control with biometric authentication.
biometric security
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Replace or augment usernames and passwords with biometric authentication

  • Improve access control security by being able to prove you are you with your biometrics

  • Optimize your network and data access with a faster but more secure login solution

Biometric Security

From law enforcement to border control, using fingerprints to authenticate is faster, more convenient, and more secure than remembering a password or using another complex system.
biometric security
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Customize what biometric, or which combination of biometrics, are required for different scenarios

  • Minimize hassle for users by simplifying the login process without sacrificing security

  • Deploy a low-cost mobile authentication solution for first responders or law enforcement officers

Are We Doing Enough To Protect Our National Data?

Learn more about eliminating tokens and passwords with VeridiumAD.