Protecting Money, Financial Information, and Identity

Financial Services

With increasingly sophisticated techniques used by hackers, adopting biometric technology is no longer optional for banks and financial institutions, it’s an operational imperative. 

Banks need to deploy stronger, user-friendly, customer authentication. You may have started this process by introducing your customers to Apple’s Touch ID, but Touch ID doesn’t eliminate the most vulnerable part of the process, the password.

Token Replacement

Eliminate costly hard and soft tokens and improve security using biometrics for two-factor authentication.
  • With VeridiumAD you can:

  • Prove user identity with something you are, your biometrics, instead of something you have, a token, which can be lost or stolen

  • Cut the total cost of ownership of token-based 2FA in half

  • Eliminate the pain of using and managing tokens in financial services

Mobile Banking

Biometric authentication can secure account access while remaining convenient for your customers to access and transact business.
biometric banking
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Help customers log on quickly and securely using their biometrics

  • Reduce the costs associated with resetting passwords

  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions

High-Value Trading

If a large trade moves in the wrong direction, a trader can say, “it wasn’t me, I didn’t make that trade. Someone must have done it from my terminal.” To eliminate this risk, firms can use biometrics to authenticate both the trader and the trade. Biometrics provide legal non-repudiation to significantly reduce trading fraud.
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Reduce fraudulent trading by requiring biometric authentication

  • Achieve legal non-repudiation on every transaction

  • Create electronic records of every account session including the person, their IP address, and the time of the transaction

PINless/Cardless ATM

Cards and PINs are key weaknesses in banking security. With card skimmers, thieves can collect data from the magnetic stripe of a credit, debit, or ATM card. Eliminating cards and PINs and replacing them with biometric authentication can make ATMs safer to use.
biometric atm mobile biometric authentication biometric banking
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Access ATM machines with biometrics instead of cards and PINs

  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent activity at ATMs

  • Deploy a biometric solution across your ATM network without additional hardware


Billions of people shop online, but more than 68 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts every day, many because they forgot their password. With biometrics you’ll never forget your password because you are your password.
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Easily integrate biometric authentication with any ecommerce app

  • Customers can securely store credit card information and access it only with their biometrics

  • Decrease abandoned shopping carts due to forgotten passwords or the annoyance of typing them in on mobile device

Physical Access Control

From vaults to opening doors in remote branch locations, banks are looking for solutions that can better secure physical assets. Swipe cards, keys and PIN codes are too easily lost or stolen.
active directory biometric authentication
  • With VeridiumID you can:

  • Reduce the cost of lost or stolen swipe cards, keys and PINs

  • Make it more convenient to manage remote branch locations

  • More secure physical access control

Active Directory Integration

Integrate VeridiumAD with Microsoft Active Directory, eliminating passwords to better protect access to sensitive, private data for your employees.
biometric security
  • With VeridiumAD you can:

  • Replace passwords with biometrics

  • Minimize security risks with much higher levels of assurance

  • Provide secure access to data, even in a shared workstation environment, with an enterprise-ready end-to-end authentication solution

Fraud is Costing Banks Billions

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