Secure cloud access with AWS and Veridium

Veridium is available in AWS Marketplace

We are excited to announce that our VeridiumID application is now available in the AWS Marketplace, an engagement that provides complete cloud services and a management portfolio to our enterprise customers and prospects. This expanded relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help businesses redefine strong authentication by increasing security, without the additional complexity and friction associated with legacy solutions.

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Veridium in AWS Marketplace and the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Select Technology Partner

The benefits of passwordless authentication

In the same way the App Store brought simplicity for the distribution of apps on mobile devices, the AWS Marketplace greatly simplifies the process for businesses wishing to integrate Veridium’s authentication platform.

John Spencer

Chief Product Officer, Veridium IP


Go passwordless

VeridiumID is passwordless.

VeridiumID provides a secure and convenient passwordless authentication platform for employees, customers, and transactions.

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Passwordless multi factor authentication

Easily integrate your IAM

Use Touch ID and Face ID for secure authentication

Case Study

Banking Employees Case Study

A multi-national Swiss Bank is eliminating passwords, tokens, and other 2FA solutions, and replacing them with biometric authentication for employee access to Microsoft Active Directory and Citrix environments. Like many large institutions, this bank had complex authentication issues. Veridium was selected due to our cutting-edge technology, convenience, and cost.


Safeguard your data by proving identity with a flexible, secure, and enterprise-ready platform. Learn more about our multi factor biometric authentication end-to-end solution.

What organizations need to know about passwordless authentication

While passwords have been the main way we authenticate since their invention in the 1960s, that's changing. Passwordless authentication is now an option for enterprises. By eliminating passwords, companies can improve their security posture while providing people with a better user experience.