Free Authenticator App for iOS

VeridiumID Authenticator App

Protect your personal, school, or work online accounts with Veridium MFA using biometrics.

Use VeridiumID Authenticator multi factor authentication (MFA) to protect your online accounts. You can use VeridiumID Authenticator to manage access across multiple apps for your personal or professional use. Add biometrics and One-Time Passcodes (OTP) to secure your accounts with at least two factors.

It’s simple:

If you have an enrollment QR code, tap Scan QR Code,

Or, enable two-step verification on your online account (Dropbox, Facebook, Google, etc.). Scan the QR code from your account. Activate using an OTP generated by the VeridiumID Authenticator app.

See how easy MFA can be!

                      For more information on two-factor authentication for Dropbox, download our instructions below.                                                                 

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